The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 26 Execution

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A cowboy about to be executed is transported to the modern day.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Joe Caswell - Albert Salmi

Professor Manion - Russell Johnson

Paul Johnson - Than Wyenn

Victim's Father - George Mitchell

Reverend - Jon Lormer

Judge - Fay Roope

Bartender - Richard Karlan

Cowboy on TV - Joe Haworth

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Detailed Synopsis

Joe Caswell is led on horseback to the hanging tree and a noose is put around his neck. A Reverend walks up along with the Judge and Joe tells the Reverend that he isn't interested in prayers. Joe tells the Judge to hurry it along and tells him that he shot his victim, because the victim had too much mouth and not enough brains. The Victim's Father points out that Joe shot his son in the back and says that the more Joe kicks as he hangs, the more he feels justice has been served. The Judge calls Joe evil and the hanging starts. Joe suddenly disappears from the noose and appears in Professor Manion's laboratory.

Manion tells him that he is in New York City and was transported via his time machine. Manion then notices the rope burn around Joe's neck. Manion makes a recording where he talks about Joe, who is from Montana from 14 November, 1880. He mentions the rope burns and feels that Joe has the looks of someone bad. Joe walks into the main laboratory and is briefly amazed by Manion's lighter. Manion opens the blinds and Joe stares in amazement at the city streets below. He reels away from all the noise and Manion asks him about his rope burns. Joe admits he is a killer and Manion tells him that he is going to have to send him back. Joe says that he killed in order to survive and then attacks and kills Manion. Joe takes Manion's gun and walks out of the building. He is almost hit by a couple of cars and after hiding in a telephone booth, kicks the glass to escape.

He eventually walks into a bar and destroys the jukebox. The Bartender tells him that he is going to have to pay for it and Joe says there is too much noise. Joe pulls out the gun and orders a drink. He notices the television and the Bartender turns it on for him. There is a Cowboy on TV and when he draws his pistol, Joe shoots at the television. The Bartender calls for the police and Joe runs back to the laboratory after shooting at a taxi. Paul Johnson breaks into the laboratory and pulls a gun on Joe. They get into a fight and Paul strangles Joe to death with the curtain cord. As Paul is looking around the lab, he inadvertently turns on the time machine. He walks into the time machine and the door closes on him. He is then transported to Joe's time where he dies from hanging from the noose Joe was in. The Reverend and Judge are shocked when they see Paul and worry they hung an innocent man.