The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 27 The Big Tall Wish

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A boy uses magic to try and help an aging boxer.

Series Index

The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Bolie Jackson - Ivan Dixon

Henry Temple - Steven Perry

Frances Temple - Kim Hamilton

Joe Mizell - Walter Burke

Thomas - Henry Scott

Joey Consiglio - Charles Horvath

Announcer - Carl MacIntire

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Detailed Synopsis

Before his fight, Bolie Jackson stands in front of the mirror and stares at his scars. Henry Temple asks Bolie if he is going to take the tiger and Bolie asks him if he is going to watch the game on the television. Bolie tells Henry that a fighter has his whole life etched on his face in scars and tells him that he is tired and he is trying to catch a bus to glory that left a long time ago. Henry tells him that he is going to make a wish that Bolie is going to win and not get hurt. Bolie leaves his apartment and talks with Frances Temple and she tells him not to get hurt. Henry again tells Bolie that he is going to make a wish for him. Frances tells Bolie that Henry adores him and that one time when she needed money for rent, Henry wished for some money and an old patient of hers sent her the exact amount. Bolie tells Frances that there isn't any magic and the world is hard. As Bolie is walking to the arena, his neighbors wish him luck and Henry waves at him one more time.

In his locker room, Bolie prepares for the fight with Joe Mizell. His manager, Thomas, walks over to Bolie and after Bolie tells him to put out his cigar, calls Bolie an old man and a has been. He offers to hire Bolie as a stable fighter to fight against prospects. Bolie figures out that Thomas bet against him and as Bolie is about to punch Thomas, he misses and punches the wall. Joe looks at Bolie's hand and they determine that Bolie broke his hand. During the fight Bolie gets knocked down to the canvas by Joey Consiglio as the Announcer covers the match. Henry and Frances are watching the match and Henry starts to pray at the television screen. As the referee is counting to ten, time stops and suddenly Joey switches places with Bolie and Bolie wins the match.

Joe congratulates Bolie, and is confused when Bolie talks about having a busted hand and when Bolie wonders how he got up after Joey knocked him down. As Bolie is walking home, his neighbors congratulate him. He goes to the roof of the apartment building and talks with Henry. He tells him he doesn't remember getting off the canvas and Henry admits that he made a wish when Bolie was down. Bolie tells him that there isn't any magic in the world, and Henry pleads with him to believe in magic. Bolie still doesn't believe and wakes up on the canvas, and this time loses the match. As he walks home his neighbors critique him or don't speak to him. He goes inside and knocks on Frances' door and she tells him that Henry is in bed. Bolie goes to speak with Henry and Henry tells him that he is proud of him, but will no longer believe in magic ever again. Bolie says maybe there is magic, but not enough people who believe.