The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 28 A Nice Place to Visit

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A criminal wakes up after a shootout and goes to what he believes to be Heaven.

Series Index

The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Henry Francis Valentine - Larry Blyden

Mr. Pip - Sebastian Cabot

Woman - Barbara English

Woman - Sandra Warner

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Detailed Synopsis

At the Southside Loan Company, Henry Francis Valentine is gathering jewelry during a murder and robbery he has just committed when he hears a siren. A police car pulls up and Valentine drops the jewelry and runs into an alley. The police order Valentine to stop and he shoots at them and then collapses. He is woken up by Mr. Pip who calls Valentine by his name. Mr. Pip tells him that he is his guide and Valentine asks him how he knows his name. Mr. Pip says he is only concerned with Valentine's comfort and his job is to see that Valentine gets what he wants. Valentine pulls a gun on Mr. Pip and Mr. Pip gives him $700 and tells him that he will give him more. They go to an apartment and Mr. Pip tells Valentine that it belongs to him now and gives him a key. Valentine demands to know what the catch is and figures that Mr. Pip is just a lowly goon. Mr. Pip pulls out some new clothes for Valentine to wear and then shows him some food. Valentine thinks it has been poisoned and tries to make Mr. Pip eat and then shoots him. When he sees that Mr. Pip is invulnerable to bullets, Mr. Pip finally reveals to Valentine that Valentine is in fact dead.

Valentine thinks he is in Heaven and asks for a million dollars and a beautiful Woman. The money appears in a drawer and the Woman appears and Valentine dances with her. They go to a casino and Valentine wins over and over again. As he leaves the casino, he sees a police officer walk by and complains to Mr. Pip and Mr. Pip shrinks the police officer's size. They go back to Valentine's apartment and when Valentine suggests visiting some of his friends, Mr. Pip tells him that his world is his private domain and that the Woman and casino and everything else but them are props. Valentine asks to see the record of his life, and Mr. Pip takes him to the Hall of Records. Mr. Pip reads from Valentine's record, but only recounts bad deeds. Valentine is more confused that he was let into Heaven, but Mr. Pip assures him that it wasn't a mistake. Valentine goes back to the casino and continues to win. He brings another group of women back to his apartment and beats another Woman in cards. He kicks the women out of his apartment and calls Mr. Pip. Mr. Pip appears and Valentine complains that he always wins. Mr. Pip offers to let him rob a bank, but Valentine is discourage when he finds out that he will always win or lose only on purpose. Valentine repeats to him that he doesn't think he belongs to Heaven and wants to go to Hell and Mr. Pip tells him that he is in Hell. Valentine tries to get away and Mr. Pip laughs.