The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 31 The Chaser

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A man buys a potion guaranteed to make the woman he lusts after fall in love with him.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Professor A. Daemon - John McIntire

Leila - Patricia Barry

Roger Shackleforth - George Grizzard

Homburg - J. Pat O'Malley

Old Woman - Marjorie Bennett

Blonde Woman - Barbara Perry

Tall Man - Rusty Wescoatt

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Detailed Synopsis

Blonde Woman, Tall Man and Old Woman are waiting in line to use the phone booth as Roger Shackleforth repeatedly makes phone calls when Homburg runs up to the line in a hurry to use the telephone. Homburg gets upset when he notices Roger keeps on making another phone call after hanging up. Homburg pays a dollar each to the Blonde Woman and Tall Man to switch places in line with them and two dollars to the Old Woman to switch places with her. Leila finally answers her phone and he asks if he can come over, but she tells him no. He tells her that he loves her, and she tells him to take a flying jump at the moon and hangs up. Before Roger can make another call, Homburg shoos him out of the phone booth and gives him the business card of someone who can help. Roger goes to see Professor A. Daemon whose office is a giant library. Daemon asks if he is there for a bottle of glove cleaner, and Roger says he isn't even sure why he is there. He tells Daemon that he just wants Leila and Daemon promises that his potion will make Leila worship him. Daemon asks him if he is sure he doesn't want any glove cleaner, which goes for $1,000. Roger is worried the love potion will be expensive, but Daemon tells him it is only one dollar. He gives Roger directions on how to use it and Roger buys it and leaves. Roger goes to Leila's apartment, who initially tells him to leave, and asks her to have one glass of champagne with him and then he will leave. She finally agrees and Roger pours the potion in Leila's drink. Leila quickly downs the champagne and tells Roger he has to leave. He asks her for a quick kiss and as he is about to leave, Leila's attitude suddenly changes.

Six months after their wedding, Roger is sitting on the couch trying to read as Leila keeps on staring at him. She continues to keep on trying to do things for Roger and love on him and he tells her that he is late for an appointment and runs out of the apartment. Roger goes back to see Daemon, who was expecting him. Roger tries to act like everything is great and Daemon offers him the glove cleaner and promises that the poison will leave no trace. He tells Roger the price again, $1,000. Roger asks if there is any other way, and finally buys it. Daemon gives him instructions on how to use it and Roger leaves. Roger comes home with flowers and champagne and pours the glove cleaner into Leila's glass. As he is about to give Leila the glass, she tells him that she is pregnant and he drops it on the ground. She hugs him and tells him it is only the beginning and things will be the same for the rest of their lives.