The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 33 Mr. Bevis

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A man is offered a better life in exchange for him giving up the things he loves.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

James B.W. Bevis - Orson Bean

J. Hardy Hempstead - Henry Jones

Mr. Peckinpaugh - Charles Lane

Bartender - Horace McMahon

Policeman - William Schallert

Margaret - Florence MacMichael

Landlady - Dorothy Neumann

Tony - Vito Scotti

Policeman - House Peters, Jr.

Michelle - Coleen O'Sullivan

Boy - Timmy Cletro

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Detailed Synopsis

James B.W. Bevis is leaving his apartment building when he says hello to Michelle. A Boy sees him and suggests he slide down the banister, which James does and tumbles out of the apartment. The Landlady sees him and gives him a disapproving stare. He says hello to Tony who tosses him an apple and then walks to his 1924 Rickenbacker. He finds a ticket on the windshield and the kids help push his car until it starts. Mr. Peckinpaugh notices James is late to work and when James finally gets to work, Margaret tells him that Peckinpaugh wants to see him. James goes to see Peckinpaugh who then fires him. James tells Margaret that he has been fired six times just that year. Margaret helps him pack his desk items and as he is walking to his car, another driver's car hooks his car's bumper, causing James' car to roll down the street and it crashes. A Policeman arrives on scene and James offers to sell him his crashed car. James goes to his apartment and finds his stuff placed in a box outside the building entrance. He sees the Landlady carrying another box and she tells him that he is being evicted for being six weeks behind in rent. He goes to the bar and the Bartender gives him five shots of liquor.

James looks at a mirror in the bar and J. Hardy Hempstead motions to him to sit with him, but when James looks at the table, no one is there. James sits down at the table and Hempstead tells him that he is his guardian angel. He tells him that one of James' ancestors did something extremely courageous and as a reward a guardian angel is assigned to one of his descendants each generation. Hempstead offers to change James' entire day to a more positive one, but with the caveat that James has to make a few changes about himself. James' day starts all over, but the dog he normally pets growls at him. He says hello to Michelle, and she says hello less enthusiastically than usual. He is about to talk to the Landlady about his rent when she thanks him for paying it early. He tries to play football with the kids, but they ignore him and Tony doesn't give him his normal free apple. Hempstead shows him his new modern car and they drive to James' work and he finds he is receiving a raise, but his desk area is boring. James tells Hempstead that he would rather have his old life and Hempstead changes things back. James is fired again, his car is totaled, he is evicted and he goes to the bar to get drunk. He tells the Bartender all the bad things that happened to him, but lists all the things he enjoys. He goes outside the bar and his Rickenbacker appears. A Policeman is about to write him a ticket for it being parked in front of a fire hydrant when it suddenly disappears and reappears next to the Policeman's motorcycle. James notes Hempstead is still watching over him and drives away.