The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 35 The Mighty Casey

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A terrible baseball team is elevated towards the top when they get a new emotionless pitcher.

Series Index

The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

McGarry - Jack Warden

Dr. Stillman - Abraham Sofaer

Casey - Robert Sorrells

Beasley - Alan Dexter

Monk - Don O'Kelly

Team Doctor - Jonathan Hole

Commissioner - Rusty Lane

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Detailed Synopsis

During the Hoboken Zephyrs tryouts, McGarry and Beasley watch the poor skills their prospects are showing. Beasley points out that the Zephyrs are 20 games out of fourth place and tells McGarry not to come around when his contract ends. Someone calls the dugout and asks if they want to check out a potential pitcher. McGarry yells at Monk to get ready to try out a new pitcher and tells Chavez to stop the prospects from doing their calisthenics. Dr. Stillman introduces himself and then Casey. Casey shakes McGarry's hand and crushes it. McGarry sends Casey to the pitcher's mound and Dr. Stillman explains to McGarry that Casey is a robot he made. Casey shows off his fast, curve and slow pitches and McGarry advises Dr. Stillman not to tell others that Casey is a robot. McGarry calls Beasley and tells him to write up a contract for Casey and they are sure to win the pennant. During the first game with Casey as pitcher, he pitches against the New York Giants and wins. He continues to pitch and records shut-outs in the next two games. The Zephyrs continue to win and make it to 4th place in the standings.

During a game, Casey is hit with the ball and hospitalized. The Team Doctor examines Casey and says he is in great shape. As he is taking Casey's pulse, he becomes confused and tells McGarry and Beasley that Casey isn't alive. Dr. Stillman tells the Team Doctor and Beasley that Casey is a robot. The Team Doctor tells Beasley that he must inform the Commissioner and Beasley gets upset with McGarry for not telling him about Casey. The Commissioner reads article 6 section 2 from the baseball code which states that a team must consist of nine men and as Casey is a robot, he is suspended from playing. Dr. Stillman offers to create a heart for Casey and the Commissioner agrees to let him play if he has a heart. Casey barely arrives in time for the next game and during the game he throws easy to hit pitches and they lose the game. After the game, Casey tells an angry McGarry that now that he has a heart, he just couldn't strike the other team members out and hurt their feelings. Casey tells him that Dr. Stillman thinks he should go into social work. Casey walks out of the room and Dr. Stillman gives McGarry, Casey's blueprints.

Rumor has it that later, McGary took the defunct Zephyrs to the West Coast where the team won pennants and championships and had an amazing set of pitchers.