The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 36 A World of His Own

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A writer has the ability to make reality of whatever he dictates.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Gregory West - Keenan Wynn

Victoria West - Phyllis Kirk

Mary - Mary La Roche

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Detailed Synopsis

Mary is making Gregory West a drink when they talk about how much they enjoy each other. As they are sitting on the couch together, Victoria West looks in through the window and sees them hugging. Gregory hears the front door open and Victoria goes to Gregory's office and asks to come in. Mary asks Gregory not to send her away, but he tells her that he must. Gregory opens the door for Victoria and she starts looking around the room, but can't find Mary. Gregory asks her why she is home so early and she continues to look for Mary. He asks her if she is looking for something and she notices he is holding scissors. Victoria tells Gregory that she thinks she might be seeing things and tells him that she was standing outside the window and she thought she saw a woman in his arms. Victoria starts to describe Mary, but using disparaging descriptions. After Victoria calls Mary drab, Gregory defends Mary and Victoria knows she has caught him. Victoria demands to know where Mary is hiding and Gregory explains to Victoria that his character Philip Wainwright from his play Fury in the Night came to life one day. Victoria walks over to the phone and tells Gregory she is going to call the psychiatrist. He stops her and tells her that he is telling the truth and explains that if he describes a character in enough detail into his tape recorder, then whatever he is describing comes to life.

He further explains that he can then make the characters disappear by cutting the tape with its description and then burning the tape in the fireplace. Gregory describes Mary into the tape recorder and she appears outside the house and walks into the room. Victoria threatens to divorce Gregory and he cuts the tape with Mary's description. As Gregory is about to throw the tape into the fireplace, Mary asks him not to bring her back again. Gregory throws the tape into the fireplace and Mary disappears. Gregory tells Victoria that he will never create Mary again, but Victoria tells him that she is going to get a lawyer and have him committed. As she is trying to leave, Gregory creates an elephant to block her way. Victoria runs back into the room and promises to stay and Gregory makes the elephant disappear. Victoria tells Gregory that the first chance she has, she is going to have him committed. Gregory goes to a secret safe and pulls out an envelope with Victoria's name on it. He shows her the tape within it and threatens to throw it in the fireplace. He tells her that he made her too strong and as he goes to put it back into the safe, Victoria takes the envelope from his hands and tosses it into the fireplace and disappears. He goes to his tape recorder and starts to describe Victoria, but then instead describes Mary. Mary appears and this time he refers to her as his wife. The Narrator appears and starts to give the episode send off and Gregory pulls an envelope with Rod Serling's name on it and throws it into the fireplace and the narrator disappears.