The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 5 Walking Distance

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A busy executive visits his home town and chases his youth.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

Martin Sloan - Gig Young

Robert Sloan - Frank Overton

Mrs. Sloan - Irene Tedrow

Young Martin Sloan - Michael Montgomery

Wilcox Boy - Ronnie Howard

Charlie - Byron Foulger

Gas Station Attendant - Sheridan Comerate

Soda Jerk - Joseph Corey

Teenager - Buzz Martin

Woman in Park - Nan Peterson

Mr. Wilson - Pat O'Malley

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Detailed Synopsis

Martin Sloan drives his car up to a gas station and almost immediately starts honking his car horn for service. Gas Station Attendant walks up to him and Martin asks him to fill his tank up and Gas Station Attendant tells him it will take an hour for him to change his oil and give his vehicle a lube job. Martin realizes he is close to the town of Homewood, where he grew up and decides to walk to it. He walks into a soda shop and orders a three scoop chocolate soda from Charlie. He thinks he recognizes Charlie and is surprised that it only costs a dime, just like it did 20 years ago. He reminisces about Mr. Wilson who used to sleep in the stock room before he died. Martin leaves after leaving a large tip and Charlie goes into the office and tells Mr. Wilson that they will need more chocolate syrup.

As Martin is walking around his old neighborhood, he is greeted by the Wilcox Boy. He talks about marbles with the Wilcox Boy and tells him that his name is Martin Sloan, and Wilcox Boy says he isn't Martin Sloan and runs away. He walks to the park and helps Woman in Park get her brother Bobby from out of a tree. He starts reminiscing with Woman in Park and walks towards a gazebo when he sees a boy carving his name into the gazebo like he did when he was young. He walks over to the boy and sees that the 11 year old boy is carving the name Martin Sloan into the gazebo. The young Martin runs away and Martin walks to his old house. He rings the doorbell and Robert Sloan comes to the door, followed by Mrs. Sloan. He tells them that he is Martin and Mrs. Sloan thinks Martin is crazy and Robert closes the door. Teenager sees Martin and invites him to look at his vehicle which is a brand new 1934 Roadster.

In the evening, Martin goes back to his old house and picks up a baseball glove and Robert walks outside and confronts him. Mrs. Sloan walks outside and Martin runs to her and starts telling her things only Martin would know and pulls out his wallet to show her his cards identifying him as Martin. He hears the merry-go-round and decides he needs to speak with Martin and runs to it. He sees Martin and starts chasing him and young Martin injures himself while running away from Martin. Robert finds Martin sitting next to the merry-go-round and tells him that young Martin will be okay, but will have a permanent limp. He tells Martin that he looked at his identification and money he left behind and realizes he is who he says he is, but his time is in the future, not the past. Robert says goodbye to Martin and Martin walks back to the soda shop after riding the merry-go-round. He starts to order a three scoop chocolate ice cream from Soda Jerk, who tells it will be 35 cents. Martin asks about Mr. Wilson, and Soda Jerk tells him, Mr. Wilson died about 15 or 20 years ago. He walks back to the gas station and drives away from Homewood.