The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 7 The Lonely

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A convicted murderer is given a give to help ease his loneliness.

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The Twilight Zone (1959-1964)


Narrator - Rod Serling

James A. Corry - Jack Warden

Captain Allenby - John Dehner

Alicia - Jean Marsh

Adams - Ted Knight

Carstairs - James Turley

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Detailed Synopsis

James A. Corry, a convicted murder, is sitting in a car outside his metal shack on an asteroid 9 million miles from Earth. He writes in his journal that he is expecting a supply ship soon and that he hopes Captain Allenby is flying it as Allenby brings him things like the parts for the car Corry rebuilt. The spaceship lands and Corry screams in excitement and pulls out a makeshift chess board he made. He runs to Allenby, Adams and Carstairs. Adams starts complaining about how much time he is away from his family by doing supply drops for people like Corry. Corry tries to get Allenby to stay and play chess, but Allenby tells him they have to leave within 15 minutes. Adams mentions how Corry hasn't asked yet if he was pardoned and then quickly tells Corry that he wasn't even considered for pardon. Allenby tells Corry that things might change in the future and some people on Earth believe solitary confinement is too cruel. Corry tells Allenby that his sanity is slipping. Allenby sends Adams and Carstairs to get a large crate and tells Corry he got him somethings else. Corry tells Allenby that he killed in self defense and Allenby tells him the item he brought will help him fight loneliness. Allenby tells Corry goodbye and Corry thanks Allenby.

Corry opens the crate and inside is a robot meant to appear like a woman. He reads the pamphlet that came with the crate and it says that the robot is emotionally and physiologically the same as a woman and has a memory recording device, and can also feel pain. The robot, named Alicia introduces herself to Corry, who rejects her. Corry calls her a lie and Alicia tries to comfort him. He walks outside and then grabs Alicia and throws her to the ground when she says his words hurt her. Alicia starts to cry and Corry realizes that she indeed can feel emotions and apologizes. Over 11 months he teaches her chess and other things and he learns to love her and his loneliness goes away. While they are looking at stars, Alicia sees a spaceship heading their way and she and Corry realize, Allenby is early on his route. In the morning, Allenby runs up to Corry and tells him that he has received a pardon and they have 20 minutes to leave. Corry mentions Alicia coming with him, which confuses Adams. Allenby tells Adams about Alicia and Allenby tells Corry that Alicia can't go. Corry runs to find Alicia and Allenby, Adams and Carstairs run after him. Corry finds Alicia and Allenby shoots her in the face to show Corry that Alicia is just a robot. Allenby tells Corry that all he is leaving behind is loneliness and Corry, Allenby, Adams and Carstairs leave the asteroid.