The Unwanted (2014)

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A woman retraces her mother's path to try and find what happened to her.


Horror, Psychological


Laura - Hannah Fierman

Carmilla - Christen Orr

Troy - William Katt

Karen - Lynn Talley

Millarca - Kylie Brown

Young Laura - Elizabeth Hunter

Keith - Chris Burns

Dwight - Neal Hazard

Bus Driver - Emmanuel Meadows

Records Clerk - Jane Bass

Cook - Robert Hatch

Minister - David Sporn

Church Member - Adele Hunt

Police Officers - Alex Lubitz, Jason Pridemore and Toney Williams

DFACs Agent - C.W. Lewis

EMTs - Charles Figures, and Jason Ojeda

Woman at Drive-In - Jenifer Holloway

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Detailed Synopsis

Carmilla is riding in a bus to New Canaan, North Carolina. The Bus Driver notifies the passengers they have arrived and Carmilla gets off the bus. She walks to a house and Laura answers the door. Carmilla tells her she is trying to track down someone who used to live at the house and Troy asks who is at the door. Carmilla tells him she is looking for Millarca and Troy tells her he doesn't know anyone by that name. He introduces himself and tells her again that no one by that name has lived at their address. He offers to take her into town with him and Laura. She goes to the police department and asks Records Clerk if there were any emergency calls from Troy's address and the Records Clerk tells her it will be a couple of days to get the information. Carmilla stops at a diner and Laura, who is working as a waitress, asks her if she had any luck. Laura gives Carmilla a free salad and Carmilla asks her to sit down. Laura starts asking her questions and eventually Carmilla gets upset and leaves when Laura finds out Millarca is Carmilla's mother who left her when she was young. Laura runs after Carmilla and tells her Millarca didn't live at their house, and she can tell her more if she meets her later.

Cook gives Laura order number 6. Laura drives Carmilla to a trailer on her property and tells her Millarca may have rented it. Troy teaches Laura how to ride one of their horses. She tells him Carmilla came to the diner and how Millarca was her mother. Troy admits that Millarca stayed at the trailer and Millarca was a bad person and he didn't want to have to tell Carmilla. Laura tells Troy she told Carmilla she could stay in the trailer for a few days. Carmilla hears some gunshots and wakes up and wanders outside the trailer. In the morning, Laura invites Carmilla to to to the movies with her over the weekend and offers her a ride into town. Later, Laura takes Carmilla home and shows her the house. While Laura is taking a shower, Carmilla starts searching her room for any evidence of Millarca. Carmilla starts going through Laura's Bible and finds a photo of Karen and Laura tells her she died when Laura was eight years old. They drive to the drive-in and Laura asks Carmilla for advice in asking guys out. Laura gets into Keith's vehicle and he starts to drive away with her to a further out spot at the drive-in. They start to kiss and Keith tries to get Laura to give him oral sex. Carmilla gets out of Laura's car and goes searching for her. She sees her get out of Keith's car and Laura runs to the bathrooms, running into Woman at Drive-In. Carmilla asks Keith what he did to Laura and she tells him to get out of the car. Laura starts to cut herself in the bathroom and then asks Carmilla to take her home.

Carmilla and Laura go back to the trailer and they talk. Laura goes to her house and Troy asks her what she did that night and he hugs her and tells her she is his whole world and tells her sometimes when he holds her, he imagines Laura is Karen. Laura pulls away from him and goes to bed. The next morning, Troy tells Carmilla whatever she wants to know about Millarca. He tells her Millarca was traveling with Dwight who fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a bridge support. Police Officers and EMTs arrived on scene, but Dwight was barely injured while Millarca was taken to the hospital. Before leaving, Dwight took money from Millarca's purse to buy a bus ticket to Montgomery. After she was released from the hospital, Millarca got a job at the same diner as Karen worked. He tells her Millarca one day left after pawning their TV and radio. Carmilla packs her things and starts to walk out of town. Laura gets home and finds Carmilla gone. Carmilla returns to the Records Clerk, who gives her an envelope. Laura accuses Troy of running off Carmilla and he tells her about Millarca and how she hurt Karen. He tells her Millarca told Karen she was too good to live in the country and they should run away together. Laura remembers being alone with Troy while Karen was with Millarca. He tells her Karen started to look sickly and after doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, he took her to see the Minister, who along with a Church Member prayed for Karen, but she eventually died. Carmilla opens the envelope the Records Clerk gave her and sees there was a domestic dispute reported on the 25th of April, 1998. It talks about how Troy attacked Karen and Millarca and kicked her out of the trailer after he found the two of them in their underwear together and started to whip them with a belt.

Carmilla returns to the house and tells Laura she is leaving with her tonight. In the trailer, Laura starts to kiss Carmilla and then starts to cut herself and bleeds into Carmilla's mouth. The next day Carmilla continues to bite and drink from Laura and Carmilla tells Laura she doesn't have to stay in town, but Laura says she has to stay. Carmilla tells Laura again that she just needs to leave with her and tells her she doesn't have to have anymore guilt or fear. The next morning Carmilla throws away the knife Laura used to cut herself. Troy and Laura go to visit Karen's grave and he tells her Millarca was evil and admits to killing Millarca. Laura goes into the bathroom and takes some scissors and cuts herself and Troy breaks in and sees her body full of cutting scars. Laura dials Carmilla's hotel room, but Troy presses the switch hook button. Carmilla has a dream where she witnesses Millarca's accident. She follows Millarca as she crawls into the woods. In the past, Millarca sneaks into Karen's room and starts to kiss her, Troy catches them together and cuts off Millarca's head. He then buries her body in the woods. Troy in the present, relays to Laura what happened, as Laura is tied to a bed. He tells her that Karen at one point tried to take Laura away from him, and Laura even talked with a DFACs Agent. Troy tells Laura he will do the same thing to Carmilla if she comes to Laura's room. Carmilla arrives at the house and goes inside. She finds Laura tied up and starts to cut her free as Laura tells her she has to leave. Laura tells her Troy killed Millarca and will kill her too. Troy shoots an arrow into the open window through Carmilla's head. Carmilla continues to try and cut Laura free, but Troy shoots her with another arrow. As Troy tries to cut her head off, Carmilla grabs the knife with her hand and stabs him in the thigh with her knife. Laura grabs a rifle and Troy tells her to call the police. Troy taunts Carmilla as she starts to die and when she goes unconscious, he stabs her in the back of the neck. Laura walks in, sees Troy over Carmilla and runs outside the house. She drives away as the police head towards the house.