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[[Cook (The Unwanted)|Cook]] - [[Robert Hatch]]
[[Cook (The Unwanted)|Cook]] - [[Robert Hatch]]
[[Minister)]] - [[David Sporn]]
[[Minister (The Unwanted)]] - [[David Sporn]]
[[Church Member]] - [[Adele Hunt]]
[[Church Member]] - [[Adele Hunt]]

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A woman retraces her mother's path to try and find what happened to her.


Horror, Psychological


Laura - Hannah Fierman

Carmilla - Christen Orr

Troy - William Katt

Karen - Lynn Talley

Millarca - Kylie Brown

Young Laura - Elizabeth Hunter

Keith - Chris Burns

Dwight - Neal Hazard

Bus Driver - Emmanuel Meadows

Records Clerk - Jane Bass

Cook - Robert Hatch

Minister (The Unwanted) - David Sporn

Church Member - Adele Hunt

Police Officers - Alex Lubitz, Jason Pridemore and Toney Williams

DFACs Agent - C.W. Lewis

EMTs - Charles Figures, and Jason Ojeda

Woman at Drive-In - Jenifer Holloway

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Detailed Synopsis

Kaylie Russell, Tim Russell, Marie Russell, Alan Russell and their dog Mason move into a new house at 2705 Hawthorne Way. Mason barks as the movers move a large mirror, the Lasser Glass, into the house, which they bring into Alan's office. At night, Marie tells Alan she thinks her C-Section scar is more noticeable than it was previously. While Alan is getting a late night drink, he sees a Glass Eyed Specter staring at him, but then it disappears. Marie goes to water her plants and notices they are all wilted. While Kaylie is playi