The Visitor (1979)

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An angel is sent by Jesus to retrieve a child whose soul has been inhabited by evil.


Science Fiction


Dr. Walker - Mel Ferrer

Detective Jake Durham - Glenn Ford

Raymond Armstead - Lance Henriksen

Jerzy Colsowicz - John Huston

Barbara Collins - Joanne Nail

Dr. Sam Collins - Sam Peckinpah

Jane Phillips - Shelley Winters

Katy Collins - Paige Conner

Susan - J.A. Townsend

Sheriff Paul Townsend - Jack Dorsey

AAA Mechanic - Johnny Popwell

Police Captain - Wallace Wilkinson

Self-Sportscaster - Steve Somers

AAA Mechanic - Lou Walker

Thomas - Walter Gordon Sr.

Sales Clerk - Hsio Ho Chao

Hot Dog Man - Calvin Embry

Receptionist - Betty Turner

Jerzy’s Assistant - Steve Cunningham

Businessman - Neal Bortz

Businessman - Jack H. Gordon

Basketball Coach - Steve Beizer

Businessman - Bill Ash

Basketball Coach - Charles Hardnett

Jesus Christ - Franco Nero



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Detailed Synopsis

Jerzy Colsowicz stands in what appears to be a desert when Sateen suddenly appears and starts walking towards him. A snowstorm erupts and engulfs both Jerzy and Sateen and Sateen takes the image of Katy Collins. The image of Katy then walks away and disappears as does the storm. Jesus Christ tells a gathered group of bald children a story about Sateen who was a prisoner aboard a ship. Jesus continues that Sateen had been captured by Commander Yahweh during a battle. Sateen was able to escape and fled to planet Earth. Sateen was a mutant with genes that evolved and gave him psychic and occult powers, which he used to spread death and destruction. Commander Yahweh tried to hunt down Sateen and one method he used was by sending trained birds to hunt Sateen. Sateen destroyed most of the birds, but he was mortally wounded by the remaining three birds. Sateen while dead, was still able to procreate with Earth women which continued his lineage. Jerzy walks into the room and Jesus asks if it has happened again and Jerzy tells him about Katy.

In Atlanta, Georgia, Self-Sportscaster is giving a play by play of a basketball game between the San Francisco Miners and the Atlanta Rebels. Raymond Armstead, Barbara Collins and Susan are watching the game as a player gets injured while playing. The ball is placed at the half-court and as Katy walks around the stadium, the Rebels, who were losing, start to even the score. Basketball Coach talks to the injured player, who is on the sidelines as the Rebels pull ahead of the Miners. There is a timeout and Sportscaster walks over to Raymond and asks him why he thinks the Rebels are suddenly doing well that season. Basketball Coach gives his team some pointers and the players go back onto the court. Sportscaster keeps on asking Raymond where he is getting his money from and he finally tells him god. The injured player goes back into the game and as he is walking onto the court, he sees Katy staring at him. As he is about to make the game winning dunk, the hoop flashes with electricity and explodes and the injured player misses the shot and Atlanta wins the game.

While Raymond and Barbara are in bed, Raymond brings up the topic of them getting married, but she says she can't marry anyone. She tells him there is something wrong inside of her and she thinks there is something wrong with Katy. Barbara walks into the living room and hears Katy telling her her pet bird Squeaky about her upcoming birthday party. Katy hears Barbara walking behind her and sends Squeaky to fly at her head. She then threatens to kill her babysitter and chastises Barbara for leaving her alone and asks for a brother. Jerzy arrives in Atlanta where he meets up with Jerzy’s Assistant after telling the immigration officer he is a visitor. A Sales Clerk shows Susan a talking mechanical bird, and Susan tells Barbara, Katy would love it. Barbara doesn't buy it, but Susan does. Jerzy's Assistant takes Jerzy to an abandoned high rise building and they go to the roof where Jerzy's Assistant has his people start assembling gear. Raymond goes to see Dr. Walker and is let into the house by Thomas who brings him to Dr. Walker. Dr. Walker takes Raymond into a room full of businessmen who are sitting at a long table. Businessman tells Raymond that he will have a marvelous team and Businessman 3 asks Raymond if he is pleased with what he has. Dr. Walker tells Raymond that they are in great danger from Barbara and Businessman 2 tells Raymond that Barbara isn't on their side. Dr. Walker says Barbara is able to give birth to beings of great power and carries the ability to pass on the genes of Sateen. Dr. Walker then orders Raymond to impregnate Barbara.

During Katy's birthday party, Jerzy appears at the party and Katy opens a present and finds a handgun inside and throws it on the table and the gun discharges and shoots Barbara in the back. Dr. Walker operates on Barbara, but she is permanently disabled from the waist down. Barbara is brought home by Raymond and Barbara tells Katy that she and Raymond are going to be more like a family. Sheriff Paul Townsend drops Detective Jake Durham off at Barbara's house and he looks around before being scared off by Squeaky. Detective Durham interviews the Sales Clerk and then Susan about the present bought for Katy. Jane Phillips walks into the house and introduces herself to Barbara and says she is the new housekeeper. Jane and Katy immediately do not get along. Detective Durham follows Katy's bus to school and when he tries to ask her questions, she tells him she doesn't like him and walks away. Detective Durham asks her what happened to the gun and she tells him it is up his ass and walks away. At the police station, Police Captain tells Detective Durham that there were no prints on the handgun used to shoot Barbara and it had no serial number. Police Captain mentions that Katy didn't seem shaken up by Barbara being shot and Detective Durham agrees with him.

Jerzy watches as helpers put together white cubes on the roof of the abandoned building. Detective Durham goes to Katy's house and walks inside after no one answers the door. Squeaky attacks him, but he manages to throw it outside. While digging through a plant pot, he finds the talking bird toy. He takes the toy and as he is driving back to the police station, Squeaky attacks Detective Durham and he crashes his car and is killed when it catches on fire and he is stuck inside of the vehicle. Barbara asks Jane what she thinks of Katy and Jane tells her she thinks Katy is bad. Jane then warns Barbara against evil. Barbara and Katy go to the mall and Katy goes ice skating. She senses Jerzy watching her and while skating, purposefully causes a group of boys to fall and smash through a window. Jerzy arrives at Barbara's house and tells Raymond he is Katy's babysitter. Raymond and Barbara go out on their date and he tells her she will have a special surprise that night. Jerzy tells Katy to close her eyes and recall her past existence. During dinner, Raymond tells the other dinner guests that he and Barbara are going to get married, which surprises Barbara. Jerzy tells Katy eventually she will come with him and she tells Jerzy to go back to where he came from. Barbara gets upset with Raymond for not asking her if she even wants to get married. She finds a note written by Katy calling her selfish and saying she has to marry Raymond.

Raymond has another meeting with Dr. Walker, who sends Thomas away, and the Businessmen and Dr. Walker tell Raymond, that he has failed and they will take care of getting Barbara pregnant. Barbara goes to see Raymond at the airport before his flight, but he is not there. Dr. Walker walks up to her and he invites her to visit him at his house. As Barbara and Katy are driving home, the car stalls and she calls AAA. A semi truck drives past the stalled car and then parks in front of Barbara and Katy. The back of the trailer opens and men in masks and white suits get out and pull Barbara out and she faints. Dr. Walker performs surgery on Barbara in the trailer and when AAA Mechanic and AAA Mechanic 2 arrive, they see Barbara asleep in the car, Katy next to her and the car's headlights on. They think something is weird, and Katy tells them Barbara isn't feeling well. As Jerzy stands on the roof of the high rise building, a light appears which shines like a runway. Jerzy goes to Barbara's house and tells her he is there to help her. He says inhuman forces are trying to use her and he tells her she was impregnated last night and then he disappears. Barbara drives to the hospital and speaks to the Receptionist and Barbara asks to see Dr. Sam Collins. She tells Dr. Collins that she needs his help and that evil people are doing things to her. Katy comes home and finds Barbara gone. She asks Jane where her "old whipping boy" is and Jane slaps her and demands Katy call Barbara her mother. Jane calls Katy a monster and says she also had a monster and threatens Katy and then tells Katy, Barbara left with Jerzy. Barbara tells Dr. Collins she wants him to give her an abortion.

Katy runs to the abandoned high rise building and searches for Jerzy. She opens a door and finds Jerzy's Assistant standing inside and Jerzy in another room. Jerzy walks away and Katy follows him. He walks into a hot dog stand and Hot Dog Man asks him what he is doing. Katy makes an emergency ladder collapse on the hot dog stand, but Jerzy is not crushed and he walks away. Jerzy tricks Katy into walking into a fun house and he disappears. Barbara returns home and is attacked by Squeaky. She manages to get inside of a room and Jane opens the door. Jane holds up a dead Squeaky and tells Barbara she is there to protect her. Katy runs in and pushes Barbara into a large fish tank. Jerzy meets with Jane and tells her he will be leaving soon with Katy. Jane asks Jerzy if she can home, but he tells her only children can come. Katy is put into a psychiatry ward and Barbara is told by a psychologist that Katy will need extensive therapy. On the roof of the high rise, Jerzy makes lights appear on the roof and lights appear in the sky. Barbara is attacked at her home by Katy who starts to strangle her. Katy drags Barbara up the stairs and then kicks her back down as Raymond watches. Raymond puts a wire around Barbara's neck, and Katy makes Barbara's electric stair chair go down, strangling Barbara. Smoke appears in the sky and then turns into a flock of doves. The doves break into Barbara's house and cut the wire around her neck and attack Katy and Raymond. Raymond is stabbed in the neck by a dove's beak and killed. Jerzy walks into the house and hugs Barbara and Katy collapses under a pile of doves. Thomas walks into Dr. Walker's office and finds him dead along with all the other Businessmen. Jerzy walks into Jesus' room and introduces a now good Katy to Jesus and the other formerly evil children.