The Witch (2015)

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A New England family expelled from their village are targeted by the supernatural.


Horror, Supernatural


Thomasin - Anya Taylor-Joy

William - Ralph Ineson

Katherine - Kate Dickie

Caleb - Harvey Scrimshaw

Mercy - Ellie Grainger

Jonas - Lucas Dawson

Governor - Julian Richings

The Witch - Bathsheba Garnett

The Witch, young - Sarah Stephens

Black Phillip - Wahab Chaudhry

Samuel - Axtun Henry Dube and Athan Conrad Dube

Lead Coven Witch - Vivien Moore

Coven Witch - Karen Kaeja

Coven Witch - Brandy Leary

Coven Witch - R. Hope Terry

Coven Witch - Carrie Eklund

Coven Witch - Madlen Sopadzhiyan

Militia Man 1 - Paul Kenworthy

Militia Man 2 - Mark Millmna

Militia Man 3 - Andy Volpe

Wampanoag Man - Phillip Wynne

Wampanoag Man - Annawon Weeden

Pipe Smoker - Michael O'Hare

Shepherd - Chris Messier

Old Slater - Ron Young

Shepherdess - Nora Messier

Settler - Bill Rudder

Settler - Grace Duffy

Settler - Sophie Bermudez

Settler - Corrine Manning

Chamber Pot Woman - Heather Fisher




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Detailed Synopsis

William is in front of a town council as Thomasin, Katherine, Caleb, Mercy, Jonas and Samuel are nearby and a group of Settlers watch. William questions the motives of the villagers in leaving England. The Governor tells William to be silent and as William continues, Old Slater tells William that he is the one being judged, not them. William calls them false Christians and the Governor banishes William and his family from the village. As they are leaving the village they pass Wampanoag Men and pass three Militia Men who close the village doors to them. William then takes his family on a wagon out into the forest. The family arrives at a clearing and gives a prayer of thanks.

Months later, Thomasin prays to God and asks him to forgive her sins. Katherine has Thomasin watch Samuel and as she is playing with him, he suddenly disappears. Thomasin goes looking for him, but he is taken by The Witch, who murders him, mashes his remains up and spreads his blood on her body and broom. Caleb wakes up to Katherine crying and meets up with William and tells him everyone is asleep except Katherine, who is crying. William tells Caleb they can't search for Samuel anymore and they go into the woods to check on traps William set. William, Caleb and Fowler go into the woods and William discusses sin with Caleb. Caleb asks if Samuel was born a sinner and if Samuel is in Hell. William tells Caleb that he cannot tell him if Samuel is in hell. William admits to Caleb that he traded Katherine's silver cup for the traps they are using and tells Caleb not to tell Katherine. Fowler spots a black rabbit and alerts William and Caleb. As the gunpowder in his rifle goes off, it flashes William in the face. Mercy and Jonas run behind Black Phillip singing a song about him being the king of all. Thomasin yells at them to help in chores, but they ignore her. William and Caleb return home and William throws Black Phillip into the goat pen. Katherine yells at William for leaving with Caleb and Thomasin for not watching Mercy and Jonas. Caleb lies to Katherine and tells him William and him went to look for apples.

Afterwards, William goes to chop wood to add to an already large pile. While Thomasin is washing clothes, Caleb goes to get water and stares at her chest. Thomasin catches him staring at her and tells him she wishes he had found some apples. They hear a noise and they see Mercy hiding. Mercy declares herself the Witch of the Wood and tells Thomasin that Thomasin has to do all the work, because Katherine hates her. Mercy blames Thomasin for Samuel being taken away and Caleb tells her it was a wolf that took Samuel. Mercy then tells them it was a witch which she has seen. Thomasin tells Mercy it was her and she is the witch and threatens to make Mercy disappear. At dinner, Katherine blames Thomasin for losing the silver cup. Thomasin denies losing it and William tells Katherine to believe Thomasin. Katherine continues to blame Thomasin and William tells Katherine, Thomasin didn't touch the cup, but doesn't tell her he sold it. The goats start to bleat and Katherine accuses Thomasin of not putting the goats in their pen. Thomasin goes outside and finds a black rabbit inside of the goat pen. Before falling asleep, William tells Katherine she should stop thinking about her sadness and focus more on God and that she should feel lucky that only one of their children has been taken from them in comparison to other families. Katherine tells him God has cursed their family and they shouldn't have left the village. Katherine tells William they should give Thomasin to another family to work for them, Samuel is in Hell and they are going to starve. William offers to go in the morning to offer Thomasin to the Tilden or Whything families.

In the morning, Caleb wakes up early and Thomasin finds him getting their horse Burt ready to go hunting. Thomasin demands he take her with him and they and Fowler go out into the woods. They check William's traps and find some rabbits caught. Fowler starts barking and they see the same rabbit from before. Burt starts to buck and Fowler chases after the rabbit. Caleb runs after Fowler and Burt bucks Thomasin off. William, Katherine, Mercy and Jonas start to call for Thomasin and Caleb. Caleb starts to pray when he can't find Thomasin or Fowler. He hears Fowler yelp and pain and finds Fowler dead. Caleb sees the rabbit and starts to follow it. William finds Thomasin and asks where Caleb is. Caleb finds a small cabin and The Witch, appearing as a young woman, steps out. The Witch walks up to Caleb and hugs and kisses him and she changes back to her old self. Katherine gets mad at Thomasin for what happened and then at William when he tells her he plans on searching himself for Caleb instead of walking back to get help from their old village. As Katherine is questioning Thomasin, William admits to her that he took her silver cup and sold it. He then tells her why he and Caleb went out into the woods the day previous. Katherine calls William a liar and slaps him after saying he will doom their family if he leaves. As Thomasin goes to put the goats to bed, Caleb walks up and collapses. He is brought inside and Katherine starts to pray over him while William goes outsdide and chops wood.

Mercy and Jonas talk to Black Phillip and tell Thomasin that he says she is the one who cursed Caleb. They then accuse Thomasin of being a witch. As Thomasin is milking Flora, only blood spurts out. Katherine tells William she thinks Caleb is under a magic spell. William tells her he is going to take Thomasin into town in the morning and to get a doctor for Caleb. Katherine tells him she wants to go back to England and she no longer feels God's love. Caleb suddenly starts to scream and starts babbling about cutting off The Witch's head. He regurgitates a bloody apple and when Katherine says Caleb is witched, Mercy and Jonas accuse Thomasin of being a witch and turning Flora's milk into blood. William orders Thomasin to give her word that she loves God. As William orders everyone to pray over Caleb, Mercy and Jonas say they have forgotten their prayer words. They start to scream and Caleb starts babbling and professes his sins to Jesus. He asks God to take him to Heaven and suddenly dies. Katherine yells at Thomasin to go outside and William follows her. He tells Thomasin to be honest with him and a council will be formed to judge her. She says she isn't a witch, but doesn't believe her when she says she isn't one. When he demands the truth again she calls him a hypocrite and says he cannot do anything but chop wood. She accuses Black Phillip of being Satan and Mercy and Jonas of following him. William grabs Thomasin, Mercy and Jonas and throws them in the goat pen after he has Thomasin tell Katherine that Mercy and Jonas made a covenant with the Devil.

William and Katherine dig a grave and Katherine lays inside with Caleb's body. William then chops more wood and confesses he left the village due to pride and asks God to redeem his children. During the night, Katherine wakes up and finds what appears to be Caleb holding Samuel. She hugs Caleb and and as she is breast feeding Samuel, Caleb asks her to read a book with him. Something breaks into the goat pen and Mercy and Jonas find The Witch suckling from Flora. Meanwhile in the house, a raven pecks at the breast of Katherine. In the morning, William wakes up and finds the goat shed destroyed, Mercy and Jonas gone, Flora dead and Thomasin covered in blood. He is then gored by Black Phillip in the stomach. William grabs an axe, but is gored again by Black Phillip and slammed into the large stack of wood William had cut. Thomasin walks over to the body of William and is attacked by Katherine who accuses her of seducing William and Caleb. As Katherine is choking Thomasin, Thomasin kills her with a knife. Thomasin walks into the house and falls asleep. When she wakes up she goes outside and tells Black Phillip to speak to her. He asks her what she wants and offers her material things in exchange for her writing her name in his book. Afterwards, Thomasin walks naked into the woods as Black Phillip follows along. They walk to a clearing in the woods where a group of Coven Witches lead by a Lead Coven Witch are chanting around a fire. Thomasin and Black Phillip watch as the Coven Witches start to float into the air. Thomasin then joins the Coven Witches in the air.