The World's End (2013)

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A group of old friends are convinced by another to complete a pub run they failed to finish in their youth.


Comedy, Science Fiction


Young Gary - Thomas Law

Young Andy - Zachary Bailess

Young Steven - Jasper Levine

Young Peter - James Tarpey

Young Oliver - Luke Bromley

Becky Salt - Sophie Evans

Erika Leekes - Samantha White

Tracy Benson - Rose Reynolds

Young Shane - Richard Hadfield

Young Sam - Flora Slorach

Teenage Twins - Francesca Reidie and Charlotte Reidie

Guy Shepherd - Pierce Brosnan

Basil - David Bradley

Reverend Green - Michael Smiley

Gary King - Simon Pegg

Pale Young Man - Alex Austin

Group Leader - Jonathan Aris

Andy Knightley - Nick Frost

Oliver Chamberlain - Martin Freeman

Steven Prince - Paddy Considine

Fitness Instructor (26) - Jenny Bede

Peter's Wife - Angie Wallis

Peter Page - Eddie Marsan

Peter's Dad - Paul Bentall

Head Builder - Richard Graham

Young Lady - Alice Lowe

Young Man - Rafe Spall

Felicity - Leo Thompson

Motorcycle Policeman - Steve Oram

B & B Landlady - Julia Deakin

Greg - Greg Townley

Seb - Sebastian Zaniesienko

Luke - Luke Scott

Tyler - Tyler Dobbs

Sam - Samuel Mak

Publican 1 - Teddy Kempner

Publican 2 - Mark Kempner

Sam Chamberlain - Rosamund Pike

Publican 3 - Nick Holder

Shane Hawkins - Darren Boyd

Publican 5 - Paul Kennington

Publican 6 - Mike Sarne

Collaborators - Reece Shearsmith and Nicholas Burns

Publican 7 - Mark Heap

Kelly - Kelly Franklin

Stacey - Stacey Franklin

Adrian Keane - James Granstrom

Upstairs Beehive Man - Gabe Cronnelly

Upstairs Beehive Lady - Patricia Franklin

The Network - Bill Nighy

Big Ugly Bastards - Mark Donovan and Ricky Champ

Publican 13 - Ken Bones


Golden Mile

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Detailed Synopsis

Gary King tells the story of one of the best nights of his life. He starts on June 22nd, 1990 and the adventure he and his friends Oliver Chamberlain, Peter Page, Steven Prince, and Andy Knightley had. As they leave school on the last day they pass the "Marmalade Sandwich" consisting of Erika Leekes, Becky Salt and Tracy Benson. He gives a brief background on all of his friends, Oliver's idea that he was a player, Peter's abuse from Shane Hawkins, Steven's crush on Sam Chamberlain, and Andy who he considered his wingman. He goes on to mention their quest to complete the Golden Mile, a pub crawl consisting of The First Post, The Old Familiar, The Famous Cock, The Cross Hands, The Good Companions, The Trusty Servant, The Two Headed Dog, The Mermaid, The Beehive, The King's Head, The Hole in the Wall and finally, The World's End. He relays the events as they happened that night, their time hanging out with Basil, buying weed from Reverend Green, Oliver quitting after The Trusty Servant, having sex with Sam in the bar bathroom, Peter quitting after smoking the weed they bought, and then them quitting before finishing. He finishes by telling the crowd, he knew life would never feel that good again, and then tells his mental health support group, it hasn't. The Group Leader asks if anyone has any comments and Pale Young Man asks him if he is disappointed he never made it to The World's End, Gary tells him no, but then smiles.

Scenes from the friends current lives are juxtaposed against each other, mostly their success versus Gary's, Steven and Fitness Instructor (26), and Peter and Vanessa and family. Gary goes to Peter's Dad's car dealership and surprises Peter. Peter's Dad angrily asks what Gary is doing there and then walks away. Gary tells Peter that the old gang is getting together to try and complete the Golden Mile and Peter finds it hard to believe that Andy agreed to go. He then tells Gary, he will have to ask Vanessa. As Steven is going over construction plans with Head Builder, Head Builder points out Gary walking on the site with no proper protective gear. Gary tells Steven of the plan to complete the Golden Mile and Steven is also surprised to hear that Andy has agreed to come. Gary next goes to a house Oliver is selling and tells him of the plan. Young Lady and Young Man are taking a tour of the house and tell Oliver the house is out of their price range and Gary ruins the deal for Oliver. Before agreeing to go attempt the Golden Mile again, Oliver reconfirms that Andy is going and Gary tells him, he is. Felicity tells Andy, he has a friend to see him and Andy looks at Gary waiting outside his office and tells her, he doesn't. Gary tells Andy of the plan to go back to complete the Golden Mile and Andy asks him to leave. Before leaving, Gary pays Andy back the money he owed him and tells him his mother died recently and she always liked Andy.

On Friday they meet at the train station, including Andy. Gary picks them up in the Beast, the same car he had when they were young and as they are driving into town, Gary is pulled over by a Motorcycle Policeman. Gary tells the Motorcycle Policeman he left his driver's license at the gym and tells him, his name is Peter Page and as the Motorcycle Policeman is checking on the information, tells Peter the Beast is still registered to him. They stop at a bed and breakfast and B & B Landlady checks them in. As they are walking, they pass Greg, Seb, Luke, Tyler and Sam. They enter The First Post and Publican 1 fails to recognize them, but gets them four beers and a water for Andy. They go to The Old Familiar, which has the same look and layout as The First Post. Publican 2 also fails to recognize Gary or the others. Peter asks Gary about his mother's funeral and Oliver calls Sam and invites her to come and visit with them. Sam stops by and Gary tries to have sex with her in the restrooms like they did 20 years ago. They pass by a large statue on their way to The Famous Cock. At The Famous Cock they see Basil and call out to him right before they are kicked out by Publican 3 for Gary being banned years ago. At The Cross Hands, Gary stares at Greg, Seb, Luke, Tyler and Sam playing pool and they see the Marmalade Sandwich sitting in a booth. Shane Hawkins asks to borrow an empty chair and Peter feels sad that after all the years of Shane picking on him, he didn't even recognize him. Andy gets in an argument with Gary and Gary walks off to go to the restroom, leaving his phone on the table. The phone rings and Andy picks it up and sees Gary has lied and his mom is calling him.

Greg walks into the restroom and a fight breaks out between him and Gary, which leads to Greg's head coming off. Andy and the others burst into the restroom and see Greg's body which appears to be robotic. The other members of Greg's group enter the restroom and a fight breaks out between them and Gary and his friends. Gary and his friends win and try to use their cell phones, but the lines won't connect. Gary figures out that all the townspeople have been replaced. They go back to their table and Andy chugs five shots. The Motorcycle Policeman sees them and asks them how they are doing. Gary thinks they should continue with the Golden Mile so the town doesn't suspect they know what is going on and Andy agrees. They go to The Good Companions and order drinks from Publican 5 and then on to The Trusty Servant where Oliver makes a brief stop in the restroom. Everyone at the pub stares at them including Publican 6. Gary sees the Reverend Green and walks up to him and asks him if he has any drugs. The Reverend Green tells him he doesn't sell drugs anymore and as he starts to tell Gary, Andy and Steven what is going on, the Collaborators tell Green that he has said too much. Publican 6 gets a phone call and hands the phone to Green, who finishes his drink and walks out.

They next stop at The Two Headed Dog where Publican 7 appears to know them. They try to come up with a term for those who are robots and those who aren't and Steven calls them Blanks. Sam walks in with Kelly and Stacey and Gary tells her about the robots, but she doesn't believe him. Sam tells Kelly and Stacey what Gary told her and a fight breaks out between Gary and Kelly and Stacey. Steven walks outside and tells Sam that he is in love with her. Gary, Steven and Sam go back inside and tell the others it is time to leave. They go to The Mermaid and Basil drags Steven away and asks if he remembers the day of 22 June, 1990. Gary, Andy and Peter dance with the Marmalade Sandwich. Basil tells Steven that the aliens started to take people over one by one and their goal is to make humanity more into their own image. Sam sees Adrian Keane, who died years ago, and she runs into Steven and they get the others and leave. Oliver tries to get the others to continue the pub run, while Steven and Sam want to try and escape. They go to The Beehive where Guy Shepherd tells them the aliens are preparing humans to join their intergalactic federation. Andy notices Oliver is acting weird and smashes his head with a bar stool, revealing Oliver to be a Blank. Shepherd reveals himself to to be a Blank and Andy smashes his head and starts to fight a large group of Blanks. Another Blank of Shepherd walks into the bar and the group splits up to escape.

Gary grabs Sam and runs upstairs where they encounter Upstairs Beehive Man and Upstairs Beehive Lady. They manage to get to Sam's car and Gary tells Sam to drive away. Gary runs to the golf course and reunites with Andy, Steven and Peter. They compare scars to prove to each other that they aren't Blanks and Gary proves he is human by acting stupid. As they are running to The King's Head, Shane calls out to Peter and offers to make amends. Peter smashes the head of Shane, but is then surrounded and captured by the Blanks. Andy knocks Gary unconscious and drags him to The King's Head and Gary regains consciousness and drinks a pint. He throws Andy the keys to the Beast who then throws them to Steven and Gary runs to The Hole in the Wall and Andy runs after him. Gary drinks a pint and Steven crashes the Beast through the wall of the pub. Gary runs out and towards The World's End and Andy follows him. They make it to The World's End and Andy tells Gary, his wife left him and took the children. Andy then finds out that Gary was sent to a psychiatric hospital. As Gary goes to pour his last pint, he triggers an elevator that takes him and Andy into the basement. The Network tells Gary its plan for humanity. Young versions of themselves appear and Gary rejects joining The Network. The Network reveals that it is responsible for leaps in technology, for example, the internet. The Network accuses humans of acting out self destructive behavior over and over again and is the least civilized in the galaxy. Steven slides down a banner and Andy asks how many people are still human in Newton Haven and Basil and the Collaborators are the only three. Gary and the others tell The Network to go back to where they came from and that humans don't like to be told what to do and they want to be free to do what they want to do and have a good time. The Network decides it is pointless to argue and leaves. They escape with Basil and the Collaborators and Gary, Andy and Steven are picked up by Sam. She drives away as the town is engulfed by a fireball. Gary apologizes to Andy and Andy hugs him.

Later, Andy tells a group of people huddling by a fire the outcome of what happened. How The Network leaving wiped out technology, how he got back with his wife, the Blanks became independent, Oliver Blank continued as a real estate agent, Peter Blank went back to Peter's family, Steven and Sam got together, but how he never saw Gary again. Gary is shown walking with the Blank versions of his friends to a pub called The Rising Sun. He and the Blanks enter the bar where Big Ugly Bastards stop and stare at them and call them Blanks and robots. Publican 13 tells Gary he doesn't serve Blanks and a fight breaks out.