Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 10 The Nose

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A man discovers that his nose is missing.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Dascha - Elzbieta Goralczyk

Commander Kovalyov - Zdzislaw Maklakiewicz

Barber - Ryszard Kotys

Lover - Kalina Jedrusik

Ivan - Ferdynand Matysik

Barber - Leonard Andrzejewski

Praskovya - Maja Komorowska

Constable - Wirgiliusz Gryn

Superintendent's Wife - Wieslawa Mazurkiewicz

Museum Attendant - Andrzej Rettinger

Minister of State - Janusz Zakrzenski

Newspaper Editor - Krzysztof Litwin

Doctor - Janusz Klosinski

Madam Alexandra Grigorievna - Krystyna Borowicz

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Nikolai Gogol's story, The Nose.

Commander Kovalyov and his friends walk into the bathhouse and as he does, other men in the showers stare at him and his crotch. As Kovalyov is getting a shave, he asks the Barber if he washed his hands. His friend asks him who he has decided to marry, the mother or the daughter and his other friend mentions that the mother is almost 50. Kovalyov tells them about the saying, marry one and make love to the other and that the dowry of 50,000 rubles will be worth it. As he is about to have sex with his Lover, he discovers his inability to have sex. He calls for Ivan and tells him to order a carriage for his Lover. Kovalyov walks to the mirror and notices It is gone. A different Barber asks the first Barber what he has hidden in a handkerchief and accuses him of playing with customers Things. In bed after sex, Praskovya tells the Barber to get rid of It and she has heard him sharpening his razor when he is alone. The Barber then dumps It in the river.

Kovalyov asks a Constable if the police superintendent is in and the Constable and Superintendent's Wife tells him, he is out. The Superintendent's Wife then invites him to join her, but Kovalyov continues to look for It. Kovalyov sees the Minister of State and asks Museum Attendant who the Minister of State is. Kovalyov confronts the Minister of State and tells him he has lost It and accuses him of stealing It. The Minister of State tells Kovalyov he would never steal It and turns around. Kovalyov goes to speak to the Newspaper Editor and tells him that he wants to put an ad out for the return of stolen property. The Newspaper Editor doesn't believe he has lost It until Kovalyov shows him and the editor describes the area where It used to be as being as smooth as a new baked roll. Kovalyov goes home and finds Ivan about to have sex with Dascha, who brought soup from Kovalyov's Lover. The Constable goes to Kovalyov's home and tells him that It has been found and gives It to Kovalyov. Kovalyov introduces himself to Dascha and invites her to his room. He tries to attach It, but It won't stay on.

He sees a Doctor who tells him that witchcraft might be affecting It and offers to buy It. He goes to Madam Alexandra Grigorievna's house and tells her that he will have to delay the marriage due to not having It and accuses her of selling It to the Minister of State. At a dinner party news is spread by Grigorievna that Kovalyov is missing It. Kovalyov tells Ivan to wake him at dawn so that he may commit suicide. As Kovalyov is writing his will, Dascha sits next to him. He starts to touch her and It returns and Kovalyov and Dascha have sex.