Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 13 The Barrel Organ

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A blind girl's love of music cools an icy man's heart.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Thomas - Tadeusz Fijewski

Girl - Iza Nowocin

Casimir - Aleksander Fogiel

Apartment Manager - Janusz Klosinski

Porter - Henryk Staszewski

Neighbor - Alicja Zommer

Pavel - Zdzislaw Maklakiewicz

Barber - Bronislaw Pawlik

Mother - Barbara Horawianka

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Boleslaw Prus's story, The Barrel Organ.

The organ grinder is playing his barrel organ outside the home of Thomas when Casimir tells the organ grinder to leave. Thomas tells Apartment Manager that good music is his life and he hates bad music, especially barrel organ music. He yells at the Porter for not handling his painting carefully. He tells the Apartment Manager that his tenancy demands the expulsion of all barrel organ music. He continues to complain about barrel organs and tells the Apartment Manager he won't sign any paperwork until the clause of no barrel organs is added. A Neighbor notices how rich Thomas looks and tells another neighbor that she plans on trying to woo him. Thomas overhears them and looks at his many paintings of women. He calls for Pavel and tells him to hang the paintings up and delay the house warming party. Thomas finds dust on the frame of a painting and threatens to fire Pavel. The Barber tells Thomas that everyone from town misses him and he notices that Thomas is never around women. Thomas asks Pavel what has happened in the area lately and Pavel tells him that a Girl and Mother moved in across the way and the Girl called the area depressing.

Thomas gets mad at Pavel for putting sugar in his coffee and then calls him a stupid idiot for breaking the coffee cup. Thomas looks across the way and sees the Girl touching flowers and then looking sad. At night, the Girl asks her Mother if she will ever see her face. The next morning the Girl hears Casimir telling a tool seller to go away and she tells her Mother that she wishes the organ grinder would come back. Thomas continues to spy on the Girl and calls Pavel a stupid idiot and tells him to take away his coffee. Thomas sees the Girl staring at the sun and tells Pavel someone must warn her against it and Pavel tells him that the Girl is blind. The Barber tells Thomas that yesterday he went out with some women and was accused by one of their boyfriends of sleeping with them. He then offers to get him an escort. Thomas hears barrel organ music and calls for Pavel. He looks outside his window and sees the Girl clapping and dancing to the music and he smiles. Pavel shoves Casimir into the apartment and starts yelling at him for allowing the organ grinder into the apartment complex. Thomas tells Casimir that he will reward him for how many organ barrel players he brings to the complex then asks the Barber who the best occulist is.