Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 14 The Canterville Ghost

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A family from the United States moves into a castle that has a ghost.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Canterville Ghost and Lord Canterville - Czeslaw Wollejko

Jim - Witold Debicki

Mr. Otis - Aleksander Dzwonkowski

Mrs. Otis - Barbara Ludwizanka

George - Jan Ciecierski

Virginia - Anna Nehrebecka

Bob - Grzegorz Minkiewicz

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Oscar Wilde's story, The Canterville Ghost.

The Canterville Ghost is playing his piano when he hears a noise. Mr. Otis asks Lord Canterville when the castle was built and Lord Canterville tells him it was built it 1523. Mrs. Otis asks when they will be able to move in and Lord Canterville tells her that they can move in whenever they wish and the only other person that lives there is the butler George. He tells them the story of Mary Canterville who died from a heart attack when two hands from a skeleton grabbed her shoulders. Mr. Otis wonders what scared her as a skeleton having two hands is quite normal. Lord Canterville tells Mr. Otis that he should think again about moving into the castle. He tells them that the Canterville Ghost really exists and Virginia asks him where the Canterville Ghost is. Mrs. Otis tells him that they aren't afraid and that Mr. Otis proposed to her in front of three of her suitors while only having two bullets in his gun. Mr. Otis jokes that he hopes someday to invite his aunt that owes him money to the castle so she could be scared to death and he can get the money she owes him.

Lord Canterville hears the piano playing and tells Mr. Otis to have Virginia stop playing the piano as it infuriates the Canterville Ghost. Virginia screams and says that she felt something cold. Mrs. Otis tells Lord Canterville that she doesn't believe in ghosts and starts playing the piano and George sneers at her. Virginia walks over to Lord Canterville and flirts with him and tells him that he is handsome and wonders if the Canterville Ghost is handsome. The Canterville Ghost hears her and looks at its face in a hand mirror and sees himself as just a skeleton. He drops the hand mirror to the ground and Mr. Otis finds it shattered on the ground. Virginia sees a red stain on the ground and Lord Canterville tells her that the bloodstain is permanent and marks the spot where the Canterville Ghost had murdered his wife. Mr. Otis pulls out a Pinkerton and Company Detergent Marker and rubs it against the blood stain, which is then removed. In the morning, Mr. Otis shows Mrs. Otis that the blood stain is back. The Canterville Ghost dresses up in a costume full of chains and tries to scare Mr. Otis. Mr. Otis sees him and tells the Canterville Ghost that he needs to lubricate his chains and offers him a Pinkerton Easy Oil lubricator. The Canterville Ghost moans and Mrs. Otis hears him and offers him some Pinkerton Potion to help with his indigestion. The Canterville Ghost throws the bottle down and Jim and Bob start throwing pillows at him until Virginia stops them.

The next morning Mr. Otis chastises Jim and Bob for their behavior against the Canterville Ghost. George shows them that the blood stain has now turned blue. Mr. Otis uses the Pinkerton Detergent Marker and removes the stain again. The Canterville Ghost hears the piano being played again and walks towards Virginia wearing a suit of armor. Jim and Bob then start shooting at him with guns. Virginia runs over and stops them and then goes into her bedroom. Later, Virginia hears Lord Canterville playing the piano and they talk about the prophecy of Canterville Castle that when the golden girl finds love, the ghost shall be freed. The phone rings and Virginia answers it. The person on the other end says that he is Lord Canterville which confuses Virginia. The Canterville Ghost, who is disguised as Lord Canterville, tells her who he is and that he hopes she can break the curse and they both disappear. Mr. Otis and Mrs. Otis notice Virginia is missing and Lord Canterville tells them that he wants to marry Virginia. The clock chimes twelve ad Virginia appears in the castle. Mr. Otis tells Virginia that Lord Canterville wants to marry her and she agrees to it. The Canterville Ghost appears to Virginia and offers her a toast.