Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 15 Decameron

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A doctor's young wife brings the local Lothario into her house and he soon falls into a deep sleep.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Angela and Mazzeo's Wife - Marzena Trybala

Ruggiero - Peter Slabakov

Story Leader - Urszula Galecka

Nanette - Malgorzata Zaluska

Master Mazzeo of Montagna - Tadeusz Kondrat

Rossina - Hanna Skarzanka

Pepino - Gustaw Lutkiewicz

Stefano - Jerzy Oblamski


Girl Playing Backgammon - Ewa Pokas

Judge - Lech Ordon

Master del Scandigo - Bernard Ladysz

Scribe - Boleslaw Kaminski

Jail Guard

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Giovanni Boccaccio's story, The Decameron.

In a bath area, a group of women drink wine and tell stories. The Story Leader asks Nanette to finish her story about Petronella and her lover, Gianello. Gianello asked for Petronella's husband to clean a barrel he wanted to buy and as he did, Petronella bent over the barrel and Gianello had sex with her. The Story Leader tells Angela that she will have a hard time beating Nanette's story. Angela then starts her story which her husband told her. The story is about Master Mazzeo of Montagna and Mazzeo's Wife. Mazzeo pampered his Wife, but she found herself not attracted to him due to his advanced age. As the Wife is walking through town with Rossina, she sees Ruggiero being yelled at by Pepino. Pepino tells Ruggiero to pay him the money he owes and grabs Ruggiero, but Stefano stops him and tells him that he is better than Ruggiero. Mazzeo's Wife tells Rossina that Ruggiero's charms are being wasted on street girls and Rossina warns her that Ruggiero is a well known scoundrel.

Mazzeo is working in his lab when a Man knocks on his door and tells him that there has been a fight in Amalfi and Sapito has been badly wounded. Mazzeo then tells his Wife that he will be gone until the morning. Mazzeo's Wife tells Rossina to bring Ruggiero to her. Ruggiero is brought to the house and while he is waiting for Mazzeo's Wife, he drinks from a bottle meant for one of Mazzeo's patients. Mazzeo's Wife walks into the bedroom and starts kissing Ruggiero, but he doesn't move. She thinks he is sleeping and pours candle wax on him to wake him up, but he still doesn't move. She and Rossina think he is dead and they come up with a plan to put Ruggiero's body in a chest outside the cabinetmaker's shop. They dump the body and back in the bath house, the Girl Playing Backgammon notices how pale Angela looks as she tells the story almost as if it it happened to her. Back in the story, Stefano and Pepino are walking home when they see the chest and take it. Ruggiero eventually wakes up and thinking he is walking into Mazzeo's Wife's bed, starts to kiss and caress the legs of Stefano and Pepino's wives. Stefano and Pepino wake up and drag Ruggiero to the Judge.

Ruggiero is tortured by Master del Scandigo who uses a feather to tickle his foot. Ruggiero admits to the Judge that he owes Pepino money, which the Scribe then writes down. The Judge tells him that Pepino has accused him of stealing their money and sentences him to hang. Mazzeo's Wife and Rossina hear of Ruggiero's impending execution and Mazzeo notices the empty bottle and tells them that the bottle held a medicine to help his patient Francis sleep. Rossina tells Mazzeo that she has fallen in love with Ruggiero and that Ruggiero drank the sleeping potion and she thought he was dead and hid him in a chest. A Jail Guard tells Scandigo that Rossina is there to speak with him and she tells Ruggiero the plan. The Judge walks in and she tells him the story she and Mazzeo's Wife came up with. The Judge frees Ruggiero and sentences Pepino and Stefano. Angela finishes the story and after the other girls leave, she and Ruggiero, who was hiding, kiss.