Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 17 The Husband Under the Bed

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Two men are stuck under a woman's bed due to a misunderstanding.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Andre - Bronislaw Pawlik

Adulterer - Roman Wilhelmi

Butler - Jozef Lodynski

Liza - Irena Szczurowska

Liza's Husband - Marian Jastrzebski


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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Fyodor Dostoevsky's story, Another Man's Wife and a Husband Under the Bed.

Andre walks into an apartment building and as he is walking up the stairs, Adulterer runs by him. He comes to an apartment and hears someone coughing coming up the stairs. Andre goes into the apartment and is stopped by the Butler, who he pushes away. He opens a bedroom door and is surprised to see Liza. He apologizes and tells her that he was looking for his wife and she hears coughing and tells him to hide. He hides under the bed and Liza's Husband walks into the room. As Andre is shuffling under the bed he is grabbed by Adulterer who is also hiding under the bed. Adulterer tells him to be quiet and Andre tells him that he has never been under a bed before. Andre starts to argue with Adulterer about their differences and reasons for being under the bed. Liza's Husband starts telling Liza about all his medical ailments. Andre accuses Adulterer of being Liza's lover and says he won't get involved and is an innocent bystander. While Liza is reading Liza's Husband a story, he falls asleep and she notices Andre's hat is sticking out from under the bed and kicks it. She also sees Andre's leg sticking out from under the bed and kicks it, causing Andre to scream out and Liza's Husband to wake up.

He tells Liza that he saw a beautiful woman as he was coming up the stairs and Andre thinks it is his wife Sona. Liza's Husband continues that he heard that the woman had been seeing a group of friends in the apartment and Adulterer realizes he also went to the wrong bedroom. Andre admits to Adulterer that his wife is unfaithful to him and he is losing his mind. Liza's Husband tells Liza that he also saw a man with a mustache also on the stairs. Adulterer tells Andre that he is there by mistake and was mistakenly let into the apartment by the Butler and guesses Liza was waiting for someone else. Emil starts barking and charges at Andre and starts growling at him. He puts his hat over Emil and Emil stops barking. Liza thinks they have killed him and faints. Liza's Husband goes looking under the bed and Adulterer crawls from under the bed and tells Liza that Andre killed Emil and then leaves. Liza's Husband pulls Andre from out of the bed and Andre apologizes to him. He tells them that he was trying to catch his wife Sona, who he thought was cheating on him. Andre tries to flatter Liza's Husband and offers to buy Liza a poodle in replacement for Emil. He tells them that he will never again doubt Sona, but Liza's Husband tells Liza that Sona must have been the woman he saw on the stairs and Liza suggests he go check upstairs. Andre leaves and Emil climbs from out of the bed. As Andre is leaving, he hears laughing from another room and stops and stares towards the room.