Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 18 Pavoncello

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A violin player meets a Russian diplomats wife.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Pavoncello - Stefan Friedmann

Madame Shchebenev - Joanna Kasperska

Cafe Apollo Manager - Janusz Klosinski

Emiliano - Michal Pawlicki

Piano Player - Ewa Zdzieszynska

Monsieur Schchebenev Petrov - Mieczyslaw Milecki

Servant - Boleslaw Kaminski

New Poker Player - Jerzy Zelnik

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Stefan Zeromski's story, Pavoncello.

At the Cafe Apollo, the Cafe Apollo Manager tells Pavoncello to play more lively. Madame Shchebenev and Emiliano walk into Cafe Apollo and when Pavoncello sees Madame Shchebenev, he stops playing. The Piano Player tries to get his attention, but he continues to stare at Madame Shchebenev. Pavoncello starts to play romantic music on his violin and Cafe Apollo Manager fires him and throws him outside into the gutter. Emiliano approaches Pavoncello and tells him that Madame Shchebenev is offering to compensate him for losing his job on account of her. Emiliano offers him cash, which Pavoncello refuses to accept. Madame Shchebenev offers Pavoncello a job teaching her how to play the violin and he accepts. Pavoncello walks to her carriage and sees Monsieur Schchebenev Petrov inside, who is Madame Shchebenev's husband.

Pavoncello is playing the violin when a Servant offers Madame Shchebenev a drink. She takes a drink and drops her glass to the ground and tells Pavoncello to start her lesson. As Pavoncello is teaching Madame Shchebenev, Petrov faints, and once he regains consciousness, motions to be taken away. Madame Shchebenev says she would like to waltz and dances with Pavoncello and afterwards Pavoncello stumbles into a room with a poker table, where Petrov and Emiliano are sitting. Emniliano deals the cards and Pavoncello wins a lot of money. Madame Shchebenev finished dancing and walks over to the poker game and stops it. She tells Pavoncello to leave and before he leaves she gives him the winnings he had left behind and tells him to meet her on the steps to her bedroom. Pavoncello goes up to her room and they tell each other that they are virgins and have sex. Afterwards Pavoncello asks Madame Shchebenev to run away with him, but she tells him that if she leaves, Petrov will throw her father into prison for life.

In the morning, as Pavoncello is leaving, he is stopped by Emilano, who had seen him go up to Madame Shchebenev's room. Emiliano tells Pavoncello that the poker games war rigged and Madame Shchebenev has traded her beauty for Petrov's money. He continues that Petrov is dying and is childless and made an agreement with Madame Shchebenev that she may sleep with different men until she gets pregnant. Pavoncello tells Emiliano that he loves Madame Shchebenev and Emiliano is just jealous. Later, Pavoncello shows up to Petrov's residence with some flowers. He walks up to where the poker game is being played and sees a New Poker Player at the table. Madame Shchebenev takes the flowers from Pavoncello, places them on the pool table, and leaves with the New Poker Player and Pavoncello and Petrov share the same look of sadness.