Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 19 The Song of Triumphant Love

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A man returns to greet his friends after many years of travel around the world.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Valerie - Beata Tyszkiewicz

Muzzio - Piotr Wysocki

Fabian - Andrzej May

Butler - Tadeusz Minc

Malay - Jerzy Jogalla

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Ivan Turgenev's story, The Song of Triumphant Love.

Valerie is posing for Fabian as he is painting her when he tells her that his art teacher told him that his portrait of her might hang in a famous art gallery some day. Two riders approach the house and Valerie recognizes one of them as Muzzio. A Butler introduces Muzzio and Muzzio enters their room and hugs Fabian and Fabian tells him that he and Valerie got married after Muzzio left. Fabian invites Muzzio to stay with them in their guest house and Valerie and Muzzio express they still have feelings for each other. At dinner, Muzzio tells them of his travels after offering them gifts. He gives Valerie a necklace and introduces them to Malay who saved him when he was captured and tortured in Malaysia. Malay plays a song and Muzzio tells them that some believe that if someone loves with their whole essence, then the song has unseen powers over life. Muzzio takes a dagger and plunges it into his chest. He doesn't die and instead just pulls the dagger out of his chest and throws it into the table in front of Valerie. Valerie stands up and pulls of her necklace and then walks away.

During the night, Valerie hears music and gets out of bed and walks to where Muzzio is at. She opens his shirt and sees that he is suffering from leprosy and realizes he came back, because he will soon die. They have sex and when she returns to bed she tells Fabian that she experienced a nightmare. Fabian goes to Muzzio and asks him not to take Valerie away from him. The next day as Fabian is painting, he finds blood on his paintbrush and the dagger nearby. He takes it and asks Valerie what she dreamed about. He blows out the candles and watches as Valerie, in a trance, starts to walk to where Muzzio is at. Fabian stabs Muzzio with the dagger and then runs away. He brings Valerie back to their bedroom and the Butler tells Fabian that Muzzio wants to leave due to an injury. Fabian suggests getting a doctor, but the Butler says Malay forbid it. In the morning, Fabian goes to see Muzzio and he sees that Muzzio is dying from leprosy. Muzzio seemingly dies, but then lives again when Malay starts playing his music. Malay says that love by dark death can never die. Fabian goes back to his house and Valerie calls him a coward and Muzzio gets on his horse and he and Malay ride away after Malay drops the dagger.