Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 20 The Postmaster

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A postmaster's daughter is wooed by a count.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Count Minski - Andrzej Lapicki

Dunia - Teresa Tuszynska

Vorin - Kazimierz Fabisiak

Iwan Osipowicz Riabin - Mariusz Gorczynski

Golka - Ryszard Kotys

Doctor - Stanislaw Igar

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Alexander Pushkin's story, The Postmaster.

Dunia lights a candle at church and then returns home. A coach rides up and Iwan Osipowicz Riabin gets out and tells Vorin to get him fresh horses. Vorin tells him that he can't give him any horses as he has to keep them available for the Tsar's messengers. Iwan shows him a piece of paper and Vorin calls for Golka to get some horses ready. He has Dunia prepare some tea and she brings it out to Iwan. Another coach rides up and Count Minski gets out and Golka tells him that they have no horses and Vorin has gone to church. Minski finds Vorin hiding and threatens him until Dunia offers to get him some food. After dinner, Golka brings some horses and Minski tells Dunia that she is beautiful. Minski suddenly says he needs a doctor and when the Doctor examines Minski, Minski bribes him to say that Minski will have to rest for two days.

During the night, Minski sneaks into Dunia's room and they kiss. He offers to take her to Saint Petersburg and she agrees to go. In the morning, Iwan arrives and tells Vorin to prepare fresh horses for him. He flirts with Dunia, and Minski overhears him and calls his flirting ill advised. Iwan threatens to fight Minski until he finds out who he is. Minski reads Iwan's letter and tells him to apologize to Vorin and Dunia. On the day Minski leaves, he gives a toast to Vorin and Dunia. Minski says he will bring Dunia to the church in his coach and Golka realizes that Dunia is never coming back. He tells Vorin that Dunia is never going to return and Vorin doesn't believe him and thinks she is only going to church. Vorin goes to the church, but doesn't find Dunia. In Saint Petersburg, Minski introduces Dunia to the other members of society. Later, a coach rides up and Iwan tells Vorin to get him fresh horses. Vorin calls for Dunia to make some tea and Golka sighs and tells Vorin that Dunia has gone to church. Before he leaves, Golka tells Iwan that a new postmaster has been appointed, but he doesn't have the heart to tell Vorin.