Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 23 Resurrection of the Offland

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A man dies for a year and when returned to life, finds things aren't how he hoped they would be.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Madam Offland - Wanda Koczeska

Offland Helton - Andrzej Antkowiak

Cemetery Officer - Jan Kobuszewski

Cemetery Guest - Elzbieta Starostecka

Fraser - Ryszard Barycz

Lillis Cagliostro - Piotr Pawlowski

Cleaning Lady - Wanda Jakubinska

Fraser's Butler - Marian Nowicki

Dowse - Andrzej May

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Alexandre Dumas' story, The Resurrection of the Offland.

Cemetery Officer walks down the steps of a cemetery and then comes across Cemetery Guest walking in the cemetery. He asks her for her pass and she tells him that she is just visiting and is looking for grave number 7. Offland Helton is sculpting a leg of Madam Offland when Fraser tells him Lillis Cagliostro is there to see him. Madam Offland suggest they take a break and Offland says he is afraid that he may not finish his work. Fraser tells him that Cagliostro is a miracle worker, but Offland worries Cagliostro is just a charlatan. Cagliostro takes samples from Offland and tells them that he died from the same thing that Offland is suffering from. He tells Fraser that he met one of his ancestors during the Third Crusade. He tells them that Offland is dying and asks if Offland and Madam Offland love each other. He continues that magic combined with science will help cure Offland. He says that he can bring Offland back to life, but only after he has been dead for one year. He mentions that for as many times as Madam Offland says Offland's name after his death, that is the amount of days he shall live. Offland is then handed a potion by Cagliostro to drink and he dies.

A year after Offland's death Madam Offland leaves an anniversary banner at his grave. Cagliostro goes to Offland's grave and wakes him up from the dead. Cagliostro gives him a pass to leave the graveyard and Offland shows it to Cemetery Officer before he leaves. Offland goes home to find his house empty, his sculptures broken and a Cleaning Lady tells him that Madam Offland moved a while ago. He goes to Fraser's house and Fraser's Butler tells him that Fraser died while practicing fencing. Fraser's Butler then tells him that Madam Offland is getting married to Dowse. Offland goes to speak with Dowse who doesn't believe he is Offland. He shows him Offland's death certificate and Offland hears Madam Offland speaking to Dowse and he goes back to the Cemetery. He tells Cagliostro that no one needs him and Cagliostro tells him that Madam Offland said his name only once when she told his name to the marriage bureau. Offland then goes back inside his coffin. As Cemetery Guest is leaving she tells Cemetery Officer that she is lost. He tells her that he is dead and she faints.