Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 4 Mateo Falcone

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A young boy learns the meaning of honor.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Mateo Falcone - Bogumil Simeonov

Alberto Falcone - Iwailo Simeonov

Sanpiero - Peter Slabakov

Maria Falcone - Anna Milewska

Gendarme Sergeant - Georgi Partsalev


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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Prosper Merimee's story, Mateo Falcone.

In Corsica during 1806, Sanpiero flees from Gendarme Sergeant and his men as they chase him along a mountain range. While he is fleeing, Sanpiero is shot in the leg. Meanwhile, Mateo Falcone and Alberto Falcone are hunting around their property. They check on their goats and Mateo finds an injured baby goat. Mateo hands Alberto the kid and they continue their journey. Alberto walks to a tree and measure his height against it. Mateo notices Alberto measuring himself and shoots a hole in the tree where the top of Alberto's head was, marking how much Alberto has grown. They return home and Maria Falcone and Mateo leave. Alberto takes a nap next to the kid and is woken up when Sanpiero walks onto the property.

Sanpiero identifies himself and asks Alberto to hide him and Alberto agrees for one shilling. Alberto then hides him in a hay stack. Gendarme Sergeant and his soldiers arrive and Gendarme Sergeant asks Alberto where his father is. He then asks Alberto if he has seen Sanpiero. Bonaparte warns Gendarme Sergeant that Mateo is dangerous and not to mess with Alberto. Before leaving, Gendarme Sergeant bribes Alberto with his pocket watch and Alberto tells him where Sanpiero is hiding. Sanpiero calls Alberto a traitor and Gendarme Sergeant has Manuel and Pele build Sanpiero a stretcher. Mateo and Maria come home and Bonaparte again warns Gendarme Sergeant not to mess with Mateo. Gendarme Sergeant tells Mateo that Alberto told him where Sanpiero was hiding, which upsets Mateo and Maria. Alberto offers Sanpiero some milk, but he refuses it and says Alberto has no honor. Gendarme Sergeant and his soldiers leave with Sanpiero after Sanpiero again insults Mateo and his family's honor. Mateo takes the pocket watch and crushes it in his hand and tells Alberto to say goodbye to Maria. He takes Alberto into the mountains and Alberto begs for his life. Mateo tells Alberto that he will have honor in heaven and shoots him dead.