Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 5 The Vampire

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A man learns his soon to be in-law may be a blood sucker.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Sugrobina - Jadwiga Chojnacka

Dashka - Aleksandra Zawieruszanka

Runevsky - Jan Machulski

Ribaranko - Ryszard Ronczewski

Stephen - Edward Linde-Lubaszenko

Jilaya - Zdzislaw Karczewski

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy's story, The Vampire.

Runevsky dances with Dashka and asks her if they can see each other again. They walk over to Sugrobina and she tells Dashka and Runevsky that they are a lovely couple. Ribaranko stares at them and asks a waiter who Runevsky is. The waiter walks over to Runevsky and tells him Ribaranko wants to speak with him. Ribaranko walks over to Runevsky and tells him that Sugrobina is a vampire and will kill Dashka. He points out Jilaya, who he says is also a vampire. Ribaranko tells Runevsky that one way to discover who is a vampire is by the sucking noise they make. Runevsky doesn't believe him and Ribaranko tells him to meet him in the cemetery the next day. They go to the cemetery and Ribaranko shows Runevsky the graves for Jilaya and Sugrobina. Ribaranko asks Runevsky to stop dating Dashka and not to go to Sugrobina's house.

Runevsky goes to Sugrobina's house with Dashka and tells Sugrobina that he and Dashka are getting married the following week. Dashka suggests they read their fortunes from a book and the sentence is about feeding on slaves. Stephen shows Runevsky to his room which used to belong to Proskovia who had it painted green. Runevsky finds Ribaranko in his room and Ribaranko warns him again. He tells Runevsky that he was engaged to Proskovia, but Sugrobina and Jilaya drained her blood and killed her. Runevsky finds Sugrobina sneaking outside his door. Ribaranko attacks Sugrobina and warns Runevsky again before he is kicked out of the house. During the night, Dashka gives Runevsky a dagger she says will protect him from vampires, and that he must stab at their shadows in the location of their heart. They kiss and Dashka leaves his room. Sugrobina and Jilaya walk into his room and they start sucking his blood. Runevsky grabs the dagger Dashka gave him and stabs Sugrobina in the hand. He then throws the dagger at Jilaya's shadow, killing him. The next morning, Runevsky notices that Dashka is wearing a choker. He looks out the window and sees the body of Jilaya being taken away in a carriage. During breakfast, he sees that Sugrobina has a bandage on her hand. Dashka tells him that a madman injured Sugrogbina's hand and Stephen tells him that Ribaranko attacked her. Runevsky starts to feel ashamed , but walks over to a mirror and pulls back his collar, revealing two teeth marks on his neck.