Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 6 The Swashbuckler

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A hot tempered officer and his friend duel over a woman.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Masha - Aleksandra Zawieruszanka

Captain Lutchkov - Tadeusz Lomnicki

Cornet Kister - Andrzej Antkowiak

General Pietrovich - Artur Mlodnicki


Lieutenant Rogachov - Zdzislaw Maklakiewicz

Major - Adolf Chronicki

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces I.S. Turgenev's story, A Swashbuckler.

Cornet Kister is introduced to General Pietrovich and they exchange salutes. He is then introduced to Bulgakov and finally Captain Lutchkov. Lutchkov mispronounces Kister's name and when Kister corrects him, mispronounces it multiple times on purpose. Kister tells Lutchkov that his joke is offensive and Lutchkov challenges him to a duel. During the duel, Kister is shot in the forearm and Lutchkov walks over to him and apologizes and calls him by the correct name. Lutchkov visits Kister as he is being attended to by Bulgakov. Later, Kister tells Lutchkov of the books he is reading in different languages and Lutchkov mentions Rossini, but incorrectly refers to him as Rossoni. Lieutenant Rogachov walks into the room drunk and invites Lutchkov to drink or play pool with him. Lutchkov tells him another time and when Rogachov refuses to leave and incorrectly pronounces Kister's name, Lutchkov challenges him to a duel.

During a ball, Kister dances with Masha while Lutchkov stands and watches everyone else dance. Masha asks about Lutchkov and after their dance, Kister tells Lutchkov that Masha was asking about him. Lutchkov paces back and forth near Masha and she starts a conversation with him. They start to talk about music and Lutchkov gets jealous when Kister asks Masha to dance. Kister and Masha continue to talk about Lutchkov and Kister praises him. Lutchkov asks to speak with Masha in private and they later meet at the lake. He tells her that he likes her and she notices a fencing wound on his hand. They start to kiss and as Lutchkov is kissing her chest, Kister walks up. Masha becomes embarrassed and runs to Kister. Lutchkov accuses them of trying to make a joke of him and walks away. Lutchkov finds Kister and again accuses him and Masha of trying to make him look like a fool and challenges Kister to another duel. Before the duel, Kister hands Major letters for his mother and Masha. The Major asks Kister why Lutchkov wants to duel with Kister again. Major tells Kister and Lutchkov to proceed and Kister pets his horse one last time before he is shot dead by Lutchkov.