Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 7 The Actress

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A man helps his down on his luck brother try and convince his brother's estranged wife that he is rich.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Olga Simionovna - Anna Ciepielewska

Joseph Yosakof - Gustaw Lutkiewicz

Nikolai Nikolai Yosakof - Zdzislaw Maklakiewicz

Balbien - Zdzislaw Kuzniar

Lushka - Jerzy Janeczek

Stage Actor - Bruno O'Ya

Stage Actor 2 - Andrzej Krasicki

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy's story, The Actress.

Joseph Yosakof greets Balbien and offers to sell him a horse for 400 rubles. Balbien only responds by insulting Joseph. Joseph complains to Nikolai Nikolai Yosakof that they live a cursed life and they return to their hotel. He yells at Lushka to get him and Nikolai food and Lushka asks him where his money is to pay for it. Nikolai says that Joseph spent all the family fortune, but Joseph responds that he spent all the money on the creditors and Nikolai spent his share on a summer house. Lushka yells at Joseph to be quiet and then hands him a letter. Joseph reads it and it is from Olga Simionovna. It says that she has been thinking of Nikolai and asks him to write back to her. Nikolai says he has no plans to write back to Olga and Joseph suggests he write to her and admit that he lost the farm and is reduced to begging. Nikolai tells him he would rather Olga think he was heartless than she know that he is a beggar. After the play ends, the actors and actresses, including Olga, celebrate with a banquet. Stage Actor tells Olga that she promised that they would never part. She tells him that Nikolai needs her and she must return. Stage Actor 2 offers a toast to Olga and she invites them all to come and visit her and Nikolai's property. Joseph gets a telegram from Olga saying that she is arriving in town tomorrow. Nikolai tells him that he sent Olga 500 rubles and tells Joseph that he has a plan and Joseph will meet Olga and book her a hotel room for a day or two and to tell her that Nikolai had pressing business out of town.

Olga complains to the other ferry goers how tiresome the journey was. Balbien and his carriage get on the ferry and she asks him if he knows Nikolai and brags about all the parties they used to have. Joseph and Lushka greet Olga when the ferry arrives and give her champagne. As he rides away, Balbien invites Olga to see his estate. As Joseph takes Olga to the hotel, Nikolai watches them from behind some logs. Olga comments on the dirtiness of the local pond and asks where Nikolai is. She complains about the hotel and Joseph tells her that their house burned down recently. She tells him that she has left the theater and complains that Nikolai never cared for her and tells Joseph that she is poor. Joseph goes to where Nikolai is hiding and tells him that Olga wants to be with him forever, but Nikolai never comes out of hiding. Joseph goes to Balbien and asks to borrow some money, but Balbien refuses. Joseph goes to Nikolai and tells him what Olga said about him. Nikolai goes to speak with Olga and finds her sleeping. He stares at her and as she wakes up, he notices that she sees the shabby clothes he is wearing and he walks away. Joseph goes looking for Nikolai and tells him that he got some money and every thing will be fine. He tells Nikolai that maybe he can get a job as a manager and Nikolai reveals that he shot himself in the stomach and dies. Balbien hears a scream from outside his property and finds Olga surrounded by his dogs. Balbien calls off his dogs and Olga offers herself to him.