Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 8 The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether

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A journalist investigates an asylum after an escape attempt.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

Doctor - Jerzy Przybylski

Paul Berrigan - Krzysztof Kalczynski

Lena - Irena Szczurowska

Mr. Rossini - Henryk Boukolowski

1st Mental Patient

2nd Mental Patient - Adam Mularczyk

3rd Mental Patient - Piotr Pawlowski

Opera Lady - Hanna Stankowna

Mr. Dipkin - Wieslaw Michnikowski

4th Mental Patient - Josef Kondrat

Doctor's Assistant - Pawel Unrug

Lisa - Maja Komorowska

Benny the Chimpanzee

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Edgar Allen Poe's story, The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether.

In the South of France, Paul Berrigan and Lena are riding in his car. They come to a detour in the road, which leads past the asylum, and they drive down the road. Mr. Rossini yells from a tree as a crowd gathers. 1st Mental Patient yells at Mr. Rossini to come down. Paul parks the car as Mr. Rossini continues to yell about charlatans and asks when vegetables will be given their correct place in society. A large group of people arrive from the asylum and Doctor tells Mr. Rossini to come down from the tree. Paul takes photos as Mr. Rossini continues to yell. The asylum workers grab the 1st Mental Patient and spray Mr. Rossini with a hose. Lena yells at them to stop and Mr. Rossini falls from the tree into a safety net. Doctor chastises the workers for pushing around the spectators and apologizes to Lena. He explains to her that he has a new system he developed to treat the patients. He walks her over to two patients who are staring at a fox hole. 2nd Mental Patient tells Doctor that the foxes have disappeared and 3rd Mental Patient tells Doctor and Lena that the fox is a species of dog and has four legs, unless one has been damaged. Doctor tells Lena that 2nd and 3rd Mental Patient have acute reversible syndrome and Lena runs back to the car. Before Paul drives away, Doctor gives him his business card.

Some time later, Paul drives back to the asylum and is greeted by Doctor, who is sad that Lena didn't come. Doctor takes him on a tour and they stop and listen as Opera Lady sings and plays on the piano. She walks up to Paul and starts unbuttoning her dress. Doctor explains to Paul that Opera Lady has compulsive paranoia and becomes violent after she removes all of her clothes. As they are walking, Mr. Dipkin follows them and Doctor sees him and tells him to stop wandering around. Doctor grabs Mr. Dipkin and takes him away and Paul hears people chanting to be let out. Paul starts taking photos and Doctor stops him, Doctor introduces Paul to a group of his patients. 2nd Mental Patient and 4th Mental Patient start reciting Hamlet. Opera Lady walks up to Paul and he starts photographing her until Doctor stops him. Doctor's Assistant walks over and takes Paul's camera from him. Lisa moans at Paul and tells him she is wearing glasses as a disguise to hide her depravity. She invites him to come with her and she takes him to the shower area. She starts taking off his clothes and they start to kiss. Opera Lady and Doctor walk into the shower area and watch as Lisa is performing oral sex on Paul. Doctor interrupts them and takes Paul to meet Benny the Chimpanzee. Sirens go off and Doctor leaves Paul with Benny. A riot starts and Doctor grabs Paul and they run out of the room. All the patients are grabbed by the rioters including Doctor who is put in a straight jacket. Doctor's Assistant has Paul brought in to a room and he is injected with something. Later Lena goes to the asylum to see Paul and is taken away by Doctor and Doctor's Assistant.