Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 9 The Rajah's Diamond

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A large diamond makes a trip across the globe from one person to the next.

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Theatre Macabre (1971-1972)


Host - Christopher Lee

General Vandalur - Wladyslaw Hancza

Priest - Jerzy Karaszkiewicz

Lady Vandalur - Ewa Wisniewska

Charley Pendragon - Tadeusz Plucinski

Harry Hartley - Krzysztof Wakulinski

Henry - Zdzislaw Kuzniar

Homeless Man - Mieczyslaw Loza

Priest - Edward Linde-Lubaszenko

Jeff - Gustaw Kron

Otto Vandalur - Janusz Klosinski

Prince Florizeld - Czeslaw Wollejko

Otto's Daughter - Anna Dymna

Waiter - Henryk Hunko

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Detailed Synopsis

The Host introduces Robert Louis Stevenson's story, The Rajah's Diamond.

Lady Vandalur walks down the hall at night and enters a bedroom. At about the same time Charley Pendragon is walking down the hall and enters the bedroom. Lady Vandalur walks over to the sleeping General Vandalur and finds a hidden safe. As she opens the safe, Charley grabs her hand and they take something out of it. The next day, Lady Vandalur buys a hat from Harry Hartley. The General angrily walks into the room and complains about how much money Lady Vandalur is spending. He kicks Harry out of the room and throws him down the stairs. Charley enters the home and after the General stomps out of the house, Lady Vandalur gives Harry a hatbox and tells him to deliver it to a certain address. As Harry is walking, the General stops him and demands to know where he is taking the hatbox. Harry pushes him aside and the General tries to grab it from him. Charley tells the General to stop and then tells Harry to run. While Harry is running, he throws the hatbox over a wall and then jumps over into Henry's rose bed. Henry grabs Harry and they both see that the hatbox was full of diamonds. Harry tries to keep the diamonds so he can fulfill the job Lady Vandalur gave him, but Henry thinks he wants to keep them for himself. The Priest greets Henry and as Harry tries to talk to him, Henry drags him away and kicks him off the property. A Homeless Man grabs Harry and pushes him away and then starts grabbing the diamonds.

As the Priest is walking the grounds where the hatbox fell, he sees a case with a large diamond inside. The Priest sees Henry running from the police and helps them catch him. The General runs over to the police and they hand him a bag of diamonds, but he notices the best one, which he calls the Rajah's Diamond, is missing. The Priest asks a police officer about the diamond and he tells him the best thing a thief could do would be to break it into three separate pieces to be able to sell it. The Priest has dinner with another Priest and orders lamb from Jeff. The other Priest tells the first Priest about the couple of diners the next table over, Otto Vandalur and Prince Florizeld. Florizeld asks Otto about his train trip and if he is sure the General's diamond will be on the train. The 1st Priest gets on the same train as Otto as it leaves for Paris. The Priest opens the door and sees Harry walking around. He opens another door and sees Otto pouring out a bunch of jewels. He asks Otto if he would examine a diamond and then shows him the Rajah's Diamond. Otto tells him to meet him at 68 rue de la Croix at the Villa Paradis, so they can do business. Meanwhile, Harry is eavesdropping outside the door.

Harry sneaks onto the property and watches as Otto's Daughter puts cookies out on a table. The doorbell rings and Otto brings the Priest into the living room. Otto's Daughter brings them coffee and Otto turns his back to the Priest and pours a liquid into the Priest's cup. The Priest takes a sip and then collapses on the table. Otto takes the diamond from the Priest's body and hands it to Otto's Daughter. Harry walks up to them and says he is looking for the Rajah's Diamond. As Otto goes to get Harry a drink, Otto's Daughter tells Harry he must hurry and leave and gives him the diamond in a box as a memento of her. Otto starts chasing Harry, and Harry runs into a restaurant. Harry orders a beer and sits down at a table next to Florizeld. Florizeld sees Harry pull out the diamond and takes a seat next to him. Harry tells Florizeld his story about searching for the diamond and then running from Otto and Florizeld offers to help him. Florizeld calls over a Waiter who introduces Florizeld to Harry including his royal title. Florizeld offers to protect Harry if he hands over the diamond and then tells Harry to come with him. He puts Harry in his coach and sends him away and as he is walking away, Florizeld is stopped by the Waiter, who happens to really be a policeman. Believing him to be investigating the disappearance of the diamond, Florizeld tosses it into the river. The Waiter then tells him, he only wanted to inform him that the people of Czechoslovakia voted to dissolve the monarchy.