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Theo is part of a group of international thieves. He is a locks and computer expert.

During the events of Die Hard (1988) played by Clarence Gilyard, Jr.

A car pulls up to the front of the Nakatomi building. Karl and Theo get out of the car and Karl shoots both of the Guards and Theo starts using the building's computer. Theo shuts down all the escalators and closes all the exits to the building. John McClane manages to escape while the party goers are taken as Hostages and goes to the stairwell and sees Theo and Kristoff moving large trunks on the 31st floor. Hans Gruber asks for an update on the locks from Theo. The final lock disengages and Theo and Kristoff search the vault. Hans, Theo and Eddie gather the bonds from the vault and goes to the moving van in the parking garage. Argyle sees Theo drive an ambulance out of the back of the moving truck and rams it with the limo. He then runs up and punches Theo unconscious.