Three Boys

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The Three Boys


The Three Boys are brothers living in Mexico City.

During the events of Santa Claus (1959) played by Jose Carlos Mendez, Jesus Brook and Ruben Ramirez

The Three Boys push themselves to the front of a group of people looking at a store Christmas display. The Devil Pitch approaches them and convinces them to throw rocks at the Santa display, and they do, breaking the store glass. The Three Boys make a plan to capture Santa Claus so they can steal his toys and make him their slave. After Santa continues to foil Pitch's plan to stop Santa from delivering presents, Pitch approaches The Three Boys and has them set a trap for Santa. A flash of light scares the boys and they run into their house. They find that Santa has left them each a shoe with a lump of coal. The Three Boys then fight with each other precipitated by Pitch who is upset at their failure to catch Santa.