Ticket Agent

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Ticket Agent


Ticket Agent is a ticket agent for a bus line in New York.

During the events of The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 21 Mirror Image played by Joseph Hamilton

During a thunderstorm in November, Millicent Barnes walks up to Ticket Agent and asks him when the bus to Cortland is going to arrive. He tells her that he doesn't know when the bus will arrive due to the weather. She asks him when he thinks it will arrive and he angrily tells her that it will arrive when it arrives, just like the last time that she asked. She says that she hasn't asked him before and he tells her that she asked him ten minutes ago. She sits down, but walks back to the Ticket Agent and tells him a suitcase behind the counter looks identical to hers and he thinks she is joking with him and tells her that it is her suitcase and she checked it in. Later, the bus arrives and as Millicent is about to get on the bus, she runs away and faints. The Bus Driver asks Paul Grinstead if he and Millicent are coming, and he tells him that they will catch the next one. The Ticket Agent turns off some of the lights. Paul goes to use the phone and the Ticket Agent tells him that he thinks Millicent is crazy.