Ticket Seller

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Ticket Seller


Ticket Seller is a ticket seller for the Belfry of Bruges in Bruges, Belgium.

During the events of In Bruges (2008) played by Rudy Blomme

Ken enters the Belfry of Bruges and is short on change by ten cents, but the Ticket Seller insists he pay the proper amount. Days later, as they are trying to enter the belfry, the Ticket Seller tells Harry (In Bruges)|Harry and Ken that the belfry is closed due to Overweight Man having a heart attack. Harry tries to bribe the Ticket Seller, but the Ticket Seller takes the money and throws it at Harry's head and proceeds to shove his finger into Harry's head while telling him the belfry is closed. Harry beats the Ticket Seller to death with his gun and follows Ken up the belfry.