To All a Goodnight (1980)

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A murderer out for vengeance stalks the students of a finishing school.



Horror, Slasher


Nancy - Jennifer Runyon

Alex - Forrest Swanson

Melody - Linda Gentile

T.J. - William Lauer

Leia - Judith Bridges

Mrs. Jensen - Katherine Herrington

Ralph - Buck West

Polansky - Sam Shamshak

Trisha - Angela Bath

Sam - Denise Stearns

Tom - Solomon Trager

Blake - Jeff Butts

Jim - Bill Martins

Dan - Jay Rasumny

Pilot - Dan Stryker

Mr. Ronsoni - Judy Hess

Mrs. Jensen's Daughter - Carrie Cobb

Cynthia - Lisa Labowskie

Irate Father - Harry Sethe

Sincere Mother - Vivienne Kove

Clenet Driver - Alain Clenet

Girl with Cat - Dori Tressler

Pilot - Michael George

School Girls - Jamie Nielsen, Lori Eiseman, Jennifer Howard, Cathy Hicky, Mary Hicky, Cathy Fisher, Toby Sternlieb, Mary Wagner, Ann Tucker, Virginia Quiria, Justin Zachary, Robin Theriault, Robin Olsen, Donald Kinn, Linda Mersman, Jane Osborn

Character thumbnails with links to profiles

Detailed Synopsis

At the Calvin Finishing School for Girls during Christmas vacation two years ago, a group of girls are chasing Mrs. Jensen's Daughter. They chase her onto the balcony and she falls from it to her death.

Christmas vacation presently, a majority of the School Girls are leaving for Christmas vacation, however some are staying including Nancy, Melody, Leia, Trisha, Sam and Cynthia. An Irate Father yells at Sincere Mother who is telling their daughter she has to change her behavior. Nancy gives her cat to Girl with Cat to watch over vacation. Trisha asks two of the School Girls that are leaving to bring back some men. While leaving, Clenet Driver says bye to Leia. Someone walks into a room with a framed photo of Mrs. Jensen's Daughter on a desk and a list of names written on it. A hand then takes a red marker and crosses out the names. Mrs. Jensen tells the girls that Mrs. Calvin will be gone for the weekend. Leia tells the others that T.J. will be coming with two of his friends. Mrs. Jensen walks back in with pie and asks where Cynthia is and Leia tells her Cynthia wasn't feeling well and went to bed. Paul calls out to Cynthia and tells her to hurry up. As Paul is waiting, he is stabbed in the chest by someone wearing a Santa suit and killed. Cynthia walks outside and is stabbed in the chest and killed.

As Leia is getting a sedative from her room, Ralph opens the door and tells her Mrs. Calvin told him to water the plants while she was gone. Mr. Ronsoni stops by with a cannoli and tells Mrs. Jensen that the doctors will have to perform a bypass on her. Leia runs in and tells Mrs. Jensen that her and the others have decided to do all of the cleaning up so she can go to bed. Mr. Ronsoni calls Ralph creepy as he walks away and then calls the students rich bitches. As Leia is leaving she purposefully mispronounces Mr. Ronsoni's name. Leia tells Nancy she has to be the one to give Mrs. Jensen the milk spiked with the sedative. Mr. Ronsoni leaves after telling Mrs. Jensen she should do more with her life. Nancy gives Mrs. Jensen the milk. Pilot lands the plane and Leia and the others go out to meet them. T.J., Alex, Tom and Blake get out of the plane and pair off with the different women. Leia tells T.J. that the Pilot can come with them, but T.J. says he has no room for him. Blake starts playing the guitar and singing. Someone in a Santa suit grabs a pair of garden shears and sharpens them. As Alex is rambling on about science facts, Tom tells him he is boring everyone. Trisha goes to get beer and has her throat slashed by the person in the Santa costume.

Ralph sees Nancy and tells her she should be in bed and to lock her door as the devil is there tonight. Tom goes to look for Trisha and finds her dead. The person in the Santa suit attacks him and then kills Tom by slamming a large rock onto his head. The person in the Santa suit then buries Trisha and Tom. As Nancy and Leia are going to get some beer and milk, they see a blood stain by the fridge, but think Ralph cut himself. Nancy hears Sam and Blake having sex and then watches them for a few seconds before walking away. As Sam and Blake are having sex someone shoots Blake through the head with a crossbow bolt, and then cuts off Sam's head. Ralph goes into Nancy's room and tells her something is wrong and she must pray and hands her a bible. The person in the Santa suit then buries the bodies of Sam and Blake, but takes Sam's head in a pail. Melody walks into her room wearing a bikini and figures out Alex is a virgin and then they have sex. The next morning, T.J. tells Mrs. Jensen that his plane needs to be repaired and then he and Alex will leave. Nancy goes to look for Trisha and Sam, but doesn't find them. Alex scares Nancy and then tells her she is cute. As he is chasing her, Nancy falls on the dead body of Ralph.

Polansky arrives with Jim and Dan to investigate the murder. Polansky tells them he is going to leave Jim and Dan to watch the place and that everyone is to stay indoors. Nancy tells Polansky about what Ralph had told her. Polansky leaves after calling Mrs. Jensen by her first name. Leia argues with the others and tells them that everyone that is missing will come back. Polansky warns Jim and Dan not to have sex with any of the students before leaving. Nancy and Alex tell Mrs. Jensen that they are worried for their safety, but she tells them they should be safe with the police hanging around. Leia takes Dan to her room so he can sleep before his guard shift. T.J. goes upstairs and hears Leia with Dan. As Jim is patrolling the grounds, the person in the Santa costume kills him with an ax to the head. Nancy and Alex check the house to make sure all of the doors are locked. Leia goes to take a shower after having sex with Dan and finds Sam's head in the shower. Dan stumbles into the shower with a knife in his back and the person in the Santa costume walks towards her.

Melody and T.J. start kissing, while Nancy and Alex start dancing. T.J. is killed by the person in the Santa suit who uses a piano wire to rip his throat open and Melody runs away. Melody runs back to the house and tells Nancy and Alex that T.J. is dead. They go to get Leia and find Dan dead and Sam's head in the shower. Alex goes to call the police, but the phone lines are cut. Nancy and Melody find Leia dancing outside in a crazed trance. The person in the Santa costume tries to stab Melody and she runs away, leaving Nancy and Leia. They remove their Santa mask, revealing themselves to be Mrs. Jensen. Mrs. Jensen blames Nancy for killing Mrs. Jensen's Daughter, even though Nancy wasn't enrolled at the school yet. Nancy hits Mrs. Jensen in the head which knocks her unconscious. Melody runs to the Pilot and tells him everyone is dead. Melody stands by the Pilot as he repairs the propeller to the plane and as he fixes it, the person in the Santa costume turns on the plane and the propeller cuts up Melody and the Pilot. Mrs. Jensen goes searching for Nancy and Nancy goes out to the balcony that Mrs. Jensen's Daughter fell from. Mrs. Jensen lunges at Nancy and falls off of the balcony to her death. Polansky, who is wearing the same Santa costume as Mrs. Jensen, carries Mrs. Jensen's body into the house and attacks Nancy. Alex uses the crossbow and kills Polansky with a bolt through the abdomen. Alex runs to Nancy and they hug and run out of the house, leaving Leia behind. Leia continues to dance and sing on the balcony.