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Tomas is a Central American terrorist.

During the events of Invasion U.S.A. (1985) played by Alex Colon

After killing a group of refugees on a boat, Rostov calls for Nikko who brings Castillo onto the refugee boat, and Castillo shows Tomas where cocaine is hidden on the boat. Rostov and a group of men take four air boats and head to Matt Hunter's house. They arrive at his house shortly before John Eagle does and after John Eagle warns Matt, John Eagle is shot and killed by Nikko. Rostov and his men then shoot and blow up Matt's house including Tomas, Kurt and Koyo. Tomas and Terrorists with Tomas arrive at the King Cobra and run over Victor's bucket he is using to wash his car. Victor yells at Tomas, but Tomas blows him off and walks inside. Angela greets Tomas. One of the Terrorists with Tomas tells him they don't have time to be messing around, but Tomas leaves anyways with Angela. As Tomas is getting undressed, Matt stabs a knife through his injured hand and tells Angela to leave. Matt asks Tomas where Rostov is. Victor grabs Matt and asks him what is going on and Matt throws him out and warns him not to come back. Tomas tells Matt he doesn't know where Rostov is, but tells him where they next attack will be. Victor and his friend walk into the room and Matt easily knocks down Victor's friend. Matt pulls out a grenade, pulls the pin, and sticks it in Tomas' hand and tells him if he lives to tell Rostov it is time to die. Tomas throws the grenade out of the window and it blows up Victor's car. Later, Rostov questions Tomas about what he told Matt. Tomas tells him Matt told him it was time to die and after Tomas spits in his face, Rostov shoots Tomas in the crotch multiple times and kills him.