Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996)

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Earl Bass is recruited to help a Mexican oil company rid itself of Graboids.


Horror, Monster


Earl Bassett - Fred Ward

Grady Hoover - Christopher Gartin

Kate White - Helen Shaver

Burt Gummer - Michael Gross

Senor Ortega - Marcelo Tubert

Julio - Marco Hernandez

Pedro - Jose Rosario

Oil Worker - Thomas Rosales





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Detailed Synopsis

At the Petromaya Oil Field in Chiapas, Mexico, an Oil Worker is shimmying his way across an oil pipe. He sees the telltale sign of a Graboid as the dirt moves in his direction. He gets to the end of the pipeline and stares at his van across from a series of metal barrels. As he is jumping across the barrels the Graboid charges at him and knocks the barrel he is on over, causing him to fall to the ground. The Oil Worker is then swallowed by the Graboid.

In Perfection Valley, Nevada, Earl Bassett struggles with Wildfire who he is trying to mate with Susie. He lassos Wildfire who drags him through the dirt and Earl threatens to barbecue him and Susie if they don't start making babies. A taxi pulls up and Grady Hoover and Senor Ortega get out and approach Earl. Senor Ortega pulls out a newspaper article with a photo of Earl Bassett and Valentine McKee. He then tells Earl that an oilfield in Mexico had to be shutdown due to workers being killed by Graboids and offers to hire Earl to hunt Graboids. Earl starts to walk away and Senor Ortega mentions they already tried to hire Valentine. Earl goes into his trailer and Grady follows him inside and tells him Senor Ortega is willing to pay 50,000 dollars per dead Graboid, but Earl tells him no. Grady then starts to look at all of Earl's memorabilia and Earl admits he didn't get any money from merchandising. Earl motions to a Playboy centerfold and tells Grady it is there to remind him not to chase after things he will never get. Earl finally agrees to do it when Grady tells him it might be his second chance and Grady tells Senor Ortega, he is going with Earl.

Earl and Grady take Earl's truck into Mexico and park at the Petromaya Field Office. They are greeted by Pedro and meet up with Senor Ortega. Senor Ortega walks them to their equipment and offers to pay 100,000 dollars if they can capture a Graboid alive. Kate White walks up and is introduced to Earl and Grady by Senor Ortega who then leaves. Julio drives up and Kate introduces him to Earl and Grady and Julio comments that Earl must have made a lot of money on royalties. Later, Kate tells Earl that six people were killed and she shows him some maps with the locations of where the workers were killed. Pedro helps load the truck while Julio shows Grady the monitor to see seismic activity. The next day, Earl and Grady drive Earl's truck towards the location of the Graboid attacks and Earl tells Grady he is going to invest his money this time and Grady notices Earl shaved for Kate. A Graboid starts to follow them and they use a remote controlled truck to bait the Graboid into swallowing the toy and a bundle of dynamite. Earl then blows up the Graboid. They then continue to blow up Graboids one after another. While eating lunch on a large rock, a Graboid takes their radio which Grady had left on the ground. During the night a coyote howls until it is eaten by a Graboid. The next day, Grady tells Earl he plans on using his reward money to open a theme park, Grady Hoover's World of Natural Wonders. Grady's umbrella flies away and as he goes to retrieve it, he and Earl hear music coming from the ground. The Graboid grabs the chains they were using to attract the Graboids and starts pulling the truck until it crashes it into a rock, ripping the chain off the truck. They look at the monitor and see a large amount of Graboids heading in their direction and hurriedly drive away.

Earl calls Burt Gummer and Burt tells him Heather Gummer is visiting her sister. Earl tells Burt about the Graboids in Mexico and asks for his help. While looking at a fossil, Kate realizes it is a fossilized Graboid spike. By aging the rock, she comes up with the idea that the Graboids existed from before the Cambrian Era. Pedro calls everyone over to look at the monitor and Julio points out a large object coming their way. Burt drives up in a Deuce and a Half and Earl introduces him to everyone. Burt shows them the equipment he got from the Mexican government and gives them elephant guns. Burt admits to Earl that Heather isn't coming back and then shows off the .50 caliber rifle he got. Earl and Grady and Burt then go their separate ways to hunt Graboids after Burt gives Earl and Grady some of his MRE's. Grady notices a Graboid is heading away from their direction and he and Earl follow it. They are ambushed by the Graboid and Earl reverses his truck down a slope. They walk over towards the Graboid who appears to be distressed. Grady gets the idea to try and capture it and Earl calls Kate and asks her to send Pedro to come and pick them up. During the night, the Graboid shrieks in pain and when Earl and Grady check on it, they find it ripped apart from the inside. Earl tries to contact Kate, but the radio goes out. They hear another Graboid shriek in pain and see Pedro driving towards them in his truck. The truck suddenly stops and Earl and Grady pack up their gear and head towards Pedro's truck. They get to the truck and find it destroyed and find the only thing left of Pedro's body are his arms.

Burt makes a recording noting he hasn't been in contact with anyone for hours and is heading to the main office and also hasn't had any sightings of Graboids lately. Earl and Grady get to a radio tower and find it destroyed, but find an abandoned car. They hear a noise and see a new form of Graboid walk outside of a building. The Shrieker opens the top of its skull and then shrieks and charges at Earl and Grady, who shoot and kill it. They hear more coming and drive away. As Burt is stopped looking at his map, he is surrounded by a group of Shriekers. In the morning, Kate and Julio try to figure out what is going on and Julio is suddenly attacked and killed by one of the Shriekers. Earl and Grady arrive and help Kate and tell her the Graboids have changed and Pedro is dead. As they are trying to leave, their car is destroyed by a Shrieker. Burt drives up in his truck and angrily tells Earl he was denied critical information. He then shows him the captive Shrieker he brought back and they put it in a cage. A wounded Shrieker falls from the bottom of the truck and starts to eat an MRE. They test the ability of the Shrieker to detect them and realize it senses with thermal vision. Kate then figures out they communicate by emitting heat. Grady feeds it part of an MRE and after it eats it, it vomits up another Shrieker. A Shrieker breaks into the office and Earl looks into the warehouse and sees a large group of Shriekers eating Burt's MRE's. Earl, Burt, Kate and Grady run towards a building, but it turns out to be only partially completed. They use doors to hide themselves while they walk towards Julio's car. A lone Shrieker is standing between them and Julio's car and Burt uses his .50 cal rifle to kill it. When they get to the car, they find out Burt's fired round penetrated the engine block.

As they are running towards the cantina, a Shrieker senses them and shrieks. Earl and Kate make it into the cantina while Grady is forced to climb up an oil tower and Burt has to jump into the bucket of a front loader. Earl uses a heated up jumpsuit tied to a clothesline to distract the Shriekers while he and Kate climb up the oil tower Grady is on. While they are waiting to be rescued, Kate tells Earl what brought her to Mexico and Earl asks her out on a date. Kate tells Earl about how she used to model while going to college and Earl recognizes her as the model from the centerfold he had hanging in his trailer. Grady calls Earl and Kate over and they watch as the Shriekers start to form a pyramid to get to where they are at. Burt gets out of the bucket and runs towards another warehouse. The Shriekers all follow him and he runs out the backdoor and locks them inside. The Shriekers start to shriek and Earl, Kate, Grady and Burt realize the warehouse stores sweet snacks. Earl has an idea to spray himself with a fire extinguisher to block his heat signature while he goes into the warehouse and gets some of Burt's bombs which are inside. The foam from the fire extinguisher starts to wear off and Earl manages to set the timer on a bomb and climb out of the building using a fire hose. Earl tells everyone to run and Burt tells everyone to keep on running when he finds out Earl put the bomb in Burt's truck. The bomb explodes causing a giant depression in the ground and killing all of the Shriekers. Earl asks out Kate again and she accepts. Grady calculates how many Graboids they will get paid for and suggests to Earl that they open Grady and Earl's Monster World theme park.