Trevor Bowman

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Trevor Bowman


Trevor Bowman is a resident of Leadville, Colorado. His mother is Francine Bowman and his sister is Sarah Bowman. He is in a relationship with Nina. Sarah and Trevor had originally planned to open a bicycle shop.

During the events of Day of the Dead (2008) played by Michael Welch

Trevor Bowman, Nina, Local Girl and Kyle are hanging out in an abandoned building complex. Kyle starts coughing and sneezes out blood. He and Local Girl continue to kiss while Trevor and Nina go exploring the complex. Nina convinces Trevor to take her to his house since Francine is sick with the flu and will be in bed. Trevor tells Kyle that they are leaving and Kyle starts to bleed from his nose on Local Girl. Later, Sarah walks into the house and finds Trevor and Nina having sex. Nina tells Trevor that her father left her a dozen messages on her phone and he is at the hospital. She then tells Sarah that Kyle was really sick. Sarah and Bud Crain drive to Kyle's house and then pick up Trevor, Nina and Francine and drive them to the hospital. Francine's nose starts to bleed and when Sarah and the others get to the hospital, it is full of sick people. Nina tells Trevor that she found where her parents are at and they go to their hospital room. Mr. Noble tells Nina he might have the avian flu. He goes catatonic and then suddenly attacks Mrs. Noble and bites her in the face. Trevor and Nina are attacked by Wildfire Zombies and escape into the woods. While in the woods, Nina and Trevor come across a dying Man in Woods. They run to the radio station and Paul (DJ) lets them in. Mrs. Leitner and Mr. Leitner are also at the radio station and Mr. Leitner tells Nina that Cody is dead. Mrs. Leitner starts coughing, but insists she isn't sick and Paul also starts coughing. Trevor uses the radio to ask for help. Trevor sees Francine and as Francine is about to attack him, Sarah runs her over with the humvee. As Nina goes to tell Mr. Leitner and Mrs. Leitner that it is time to leave, she finds the chewed on remains of Mr. Leitner. Mrs. Leitner attacks her and Trevor helps her push Mrs. Leitner out the window.

Trevor, Nina, Sarah, Crain and Salazar get in the humvee and they drive to the roadblock. They are attacked by the Soldier and other Soldiers, who are now all Zombies. They drive away and as they are driving, Kyle Zombie jumps onto the humvee. Sarah crashes the humvee and then shoots Kyle Zombie dead. They decide to head towards the old Nike plant. A large group of Zombies enter the building and Sarah, Salazar, Trevor and Nina enter a secret underground facility, while Crain is surrounded by other Zombies. They go into an office and sees someone has started deleting files on Project Wildfire. They find Doctor Logan hiding and he tells them that there is no evidence the research he was involved with is what is responsible for the Zombies. Trevor finds a video and plays it and on the video Scientist says that the virus mutated and all the researchers became infected. During the video, the Scientist changes into a Zombie. Doctor Logan tells them that the virus was supposed to paralyze enemy troops and was intended to save lives. They hear a growl and the Scientist Zombie is standing in the hallway. They shoot at it, but it dodges the bullets and disappears. As they are trying to escape, Doctor Logan is grabbed by the Scientist Zombie and killed. Trevor thinks they should split up to find an exit and he goes with Nina, while Sarah goes with Salazar. Sarah is pulled into a room by Trevor and inside the room are a large amount of missile propulsion tanks. They decide to make a trap for the Zombies and Sarah acts as bait to get the Zombies to the room. The Zombies chase after Sarah and the trap goes off, killing all of the Zombies in the area including Scientist Zombie. Sarah, Trevor and Nina exit the facility and drive away in Doctor Logan's vehicle. On the radio, the disc jockey says that the flu-like virus in Leadville has been contained.