Trick 'r Treat (2007)

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A Halloween spirit is part of four instances of horror in a small Ohio town.


Horror, Supernatural

Horror, Anthology


Steven - Dylan Baker

Maria - Rochelle Aytes

Sam, Peeping Tom - Quinn Lord

Danielle - Lauren Lee Smith

Janet - Moneca Delain

Henry - Tahmoth Penikett

Charlie - Brett Kelly

Macy - Britt McKillip

Sara - Isabelle Deluce

Schrader - Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Chip - Alberto Ghisi

Rhonda - Samm Todd

Laurie - Anna Paquin

Mr. Kreeg - Brian Cox

Emma - Leslie Bibb

Billy - Connor Levins

Alex - James Willson

Bud The Cameraman - Patrick Gilmore

Bud's Assistant - T-Roy Kozuki

Centaur Girl - Barbara Kottmeier

Centaur Guy - Derek McIver

Clerk - Matt Anderson

Lady Barbarian - Tatianna Anderson

Giant Baby - C. Ernst Harth

Little Pig 1 - Chloe Smeltzer

Little Pig 2 - Kiah Mortison

Little Pig 3 - Livia Mortison

Matthew - Keanen Schnoor

Mother - Catherine Barroll

Mrs. Henderson - Christine Willes

Nathan - Ty Hill

Teenager - Jesse Haddock

TV Reporter - Caroline Redekopp

Vampire Kid - Richard Harmon

Allie - Laura Mennell

Young Kreeg/School Bus Driver - Gerald Paetz

Conquistador - Juancarlos Velis

Party Girl 1 - Rebecca Franklin

Party Girl 2 - Wanda Ayala

Party Girl 3 - Amy Esterle

Spite the Dog - Zip

Coach Taylor

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Detailed Synopsis

It is Halloween night in Warren Valley, Ohio. A TV Reporter gives a news report on the Halloween parade happening in downtown Warren Valley. Charlie is walking down the street dragging his pillow case full of candy when he passes Steven waiting at the Warren Valley General Store holding a bag of candy and a new knife, and Danielle, Laurie, Maria and Janet walking to a costume store. A little kid Peeping Tom spies on them as Danielle, Laurie, Maria and Janet try on Halloween costumes in changing rooms. They are discussing past Halloween exploits when the Mother of the Peeping Tom angrily bangs on one of their changing room doors and tells them there are children outside. As they are leaving the store Danielle invites the costume store Clerk to the party she and her friends are having at Sheep's Meadow. As Charlie is walking down the sidewalk he knocks down pumpkins set along the fences. He turns when Schrader runs on the other side of the street with a shopping cart holding a pumpkin. Three clown kids walk into the front yard of Mr. Kreeg and are chased back to the street by Spite the Dog wearing a costume with glowing eyes, leaving their trick or treat bags on their way. Charlie continues to knock over pumpkins until he is hit with an egg by Sam who he chases until he is passed by the three clowns running from Mr. Kreeg's house. He walks up the steps to Steven's house and takes a handful of candy from a box that says take one. Steven catches him taking all the candy and invites him to sit down with him for a second and when Charlies tells him he can't, Steven orders him to sit down. Danielle tells Laurie she has to try harder as Laurie bumps into Emma. Maria and Janet also try and give Laurie advice on how to pick up men. Maria and Janet walk over to Bud The Cameraman and Bud's Assistant who are loading their gear into their news van. They invite Bud and his Assistant to be their dates to the party. At Steven's house, Steven tells Charlie to go ahead and eat some of the candy, while he finishes carving a pumpkin with his new knife. Steven's notices the remains of smashed jack-o-lanterns on Charlie's shoes and that he has stolen candy. Steven then tells how he used to be like Charlie until his dad taught him the importance of the traditions of Halloween. Charlie's stomach starts to rumble and then he pukes and vomits until he becomes unconscious as Steven's reminds him of the tradition of always checking candy before eating it.

As Steven is dragging Charlie into his house their is a knock on the door. He opens the door and Macy, Sara and Chip ask for candy and for his jack-o-lantern. As they leave, Sam also asks for a candy. As Danielle, Laurie, Maria and Janet are partying with Bud The Cameraman and his Assistant in the news van, Laurie decides to look for a date on her own and stays in town as the van drives away, and Emma can be seen in her costume in the background. Mr. Kreeg collects the candy sacks of the three clown kids and burns photographs from his youth. Spite starts to bark and when Mr. Kreeg goes to the window to look outside, an egg shatters the window. Spite then runs outside the doggie door. Steven walks by a setup for making poison candy and drags a body in a sack outside. He uncovers a hole full of bodies and dumps the new body inside. His son Billy yells from his bedroom window and asks Steven when they are going to spend time together and Steven sends him away. As Steven is filling the hole, Spite starts to bark at him, and Steven severs a finger of the corpse and throws it to Spite. The body makes a noise and Mr. Kreeg, who came out looking for Spite asks him what he is doing. Steven tells him he is fixing his septic system and Mr. Kreeg tells Steven to keep his kid out of his yard. Spite starts to bark at something upstairs and then yelps. When Mr. Kreeg goes to investigate he is attacked by Sam. Sam slashes Mr. Kreeg in the ankle with a razor blade in a candy bar and Mr. Kreeg runs away and falls down the stairs. Billy asks from the window if he can go with Steven to the Halloween parade later, but Steven tells him he can't as he has a date. Steven finishes filling the grave and plants a tree on top. As Steven is walking back into his house he sees Mr. Kreeg yelling at him to help him, but ignores him. Mr. Kreeg eventually shoots Sam with a shotgun, but Sam doesn't die. Sam stalks Mr. Kreeg and pulls out a lollipop from his bag, which he bites into a jagged edge. Sam is about to kill Mr. Kreeg but stops after he takes a piece of candy that was resting on Mr. Kreeg's chest.

Steven and Billy proceed to carve a jack-o-lantern, which turns out to be Charlie's head. Macy, Sara and Chip go to Mrs. Henderson's house, who is having a party. Mrs. Henderson offers them liquor but the kids decline her offer and instead ask for her jack-o-lantern. As they walk away, Chip mentions how Coach Taylor was in a hot dog costume mimicking sodomizing someone wearing a pig costume. Schrader runs up with his shopping cart and tells Macy he only found three pumpkins because someone was smashing pumpkins along the street. They walk up to Rhonda's house which is full of jack-o-lanterns in the front yard. Schrader greets Rhonda and then the kids leave. In an alley downtown during the Halloween parade, Steven as the man in black is kissing and biting Allie. Allie notices she is bleeding and runs away screaming for help. She runs to the main street and grabs Emma and asks her for help, but Henry tells Emma, Allie is drunk and they leave her. Allie turns around and screams as Steven grabs her. Steven then lays her body against a store wall near a group of passed out party goers and walks into the parade. Laurie is walking through the downtown area looking for a date and sees the Centaur Girl and Centaur Guy and Lady Barbarian, before she sits down in front of the Warren Valley Museum and Archives, as Emma passes by complaining that Henry is embarrassed of her. Danielle calls her and tells her she found her a date, which turns out to be Giant Baby and tells her to get to the party. Laurie is walking in the woods when she is confronted by Steven. The kids arrive at the town's abandoned rock quarry and Macy tells the story of the special needs kids that died during the Halloween school bus massacre from 30 years ago. According to the legend, a group of parents from town would send their special needs kids on a bus to a school away from town. Eventually the parents got tired of caring for their kids and they paid the bus driver to drive the bus and their kids into the rock quarry. As the bus driver, who was Mr. Kreeg was handing out candy to the kids, Vampire Kid managed to get loose from his restraints and as he was trying to drive the bus away from the edge of the rock quarry he drove the bus into the quarry killing everyone, but Mr. Kreeg. Macy, Schrader and Sara go first down into the rock quarry leaving Rhonda and Chip to go down the elevator next. The people at the party hear a scream as a body drops from the trees. The body turns out to be Steven, who asks them for help. Laurie walks up and the party continues. Suddenly the group of women start to peel off their skin as they reveal themselves to be werewolves. The werewolves then feast on the others, including Coach Taylor and Laurie makes her first kill by eating Steven. Danielle howls as Sam sits on a log and watches the feast.

Chip and Rhonda hear the werewolves howling and the elevator comes back up. As Chip and Rhonda are riding the elevator down they hear the other kids screaming. They arrive at the bottom of the quarry and Rhonda leaves Chip inside the elevator and tells him the jack-o-lantern will protect him as long as he keeps the candles lit. As Rhonda is searching for the other kids a group of what look like the dead rise up and chase her. She runs away screaming and falls down and hits her head after losing her glasses. The corpses turn out to be the other kids who were playing a trick on her. Schrader and the other kids decide to leave the quarry, which upsets Macy. As they go to gather their things, Macy kicks a jack-o-lantern into the water that was still lit. They start to hear kids giggling and the dead from the bus crash rise from the quarry. Schrader goes to investigate leaving Rhonda and runs into the other kids. The dead then attack them as they try and run back to the elevator. Macy, Schrader and Chip beg Rhonda to open the door as she leaves with the elevator and then they are killed by the dead. Rhonda walks away with her pumpkin and passes Sam by. Three Little Pigs knock on Mr. Kreeg's door and he gives them candy, while Billy also hands out candy. Rhonda is in a daze and is almost hit by a car being driven by Danielle, who quickly slams on the brakes. Emma and Henry arrive at their house. Emma complains about Halloween and after she blows out the candle in one of their jack-o-lanterns, Henry warns her there are rules for Halloween. There is another knock on the door and when Mr. Kreeg answers his door the dead special needs children are outside and they attack him. Emma and Henry argue about taking down the decorations after Henry offers to do it tomorrow, but Emma thinks he will wake up late and play video games. Emma says she hates Halloween as she starts to pull down the decorations, while Henry goes into the house. As she is pulling down the decorations she notices Teenager standing across the street facing her direction. After a few minutes, a car drives up and Teenager gets in and the car leaves. Sam jumps up from a cardboard box covered in a blanket and attacks Emma. Sam slits Emma's throat with the broken lollipop in front of the three kids dressed as clowns and then drags her body. Henry eventually wakes up and walks outside to look for Emma and finds her slashed up with the lollipop stuck into her mouth.