Troll 2 (1990)

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A boy and his dead grandfather must save their family from the residents of the town of Nilbog.


Horror, Monster


Joshua - Michael Stephenson

Michael - George Hardy

Diana - Margo Prey

Holly - Connie McFarland

Seth - Robert Ormsby

Creedence - Deborah Reed

Elliot - Jason Wright

Arnold - Darren Ewing

Drew - Jason Steadman

Brent - David McConnell

Sheriff Freak - Gary Carlson

Bells - Mike Hamill

Drugstore Owner - Don Packard

Cindy - Christina Reynolds

Peter - Glenn Gerner

Wood Tales Girl - Michelle Abrams

Father Presents - L. Williams

Mother Presents - Elli Case

Son Presents - Gavin Reed

Daughter Presents - Melissa Bridge


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Detailed Synopsis

Seth tells his grandson Joshua the story of Peter who was walking in the woods when he started to hear strange noises and shadows. After seeing a group of Goblins, Peter runs away through the forest. Peter falls down and is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up a young [[Wood Tales Girl|woman} is standing over him and she offers him a bowl of soup which he accepts. Peter starts to fill ill and starts sweating green chlorophyll slime. All of a sudden the young woman is transformed into a group of goblins. Peter then transforms into a plant and is eaten by the goblins. Joshua's mom, Diana turns on his bedroom light and it is revealed that Seth is a ghost and can only be seen by Joshua. Diana tells Joshua that he has to stop imagining Seth and tells him to go to sleep. She tells Michael she is worried about Joshua constantly imagining he is talking to Seth, but he tells her it isn't a big deal. Joshua hears a noise and goes to his window where Holly's boyfriend Elliot is staring at him, mistakenly believing the room to be Holly's. He then sneaks into Holly's room and surprises her. She warns him if her father finds him then he will cut off his little nuts and eat them. Holly chastises Elliot for spending too much time with his friends and they agree that Elliot will join her and her family in Nilbog, but Elliot can't bring his friends.

The family leaves the next morning without Elliot, who never shows up in the morning. Following behind the family is Elliot and his friends Arnold, Drew and Brent who are driving to Nilbog in an RV. While they are driving to Nilbog, Joshua imagines a hitchhiker is Seth, who warns him not to go to Nilbog. The family reaches the outskirts of Nilbog and Holly sees Elliot with his friends and gives him the finger. The Waits family arrives at the farm of the Presents family and find the Presents family to be unfriendly. The families exchange keys to their homes and Joshua notices they all have odd clover shaped moles. The family goes inside the house and find a large amount of food left on the kitchen table for them. Seth appears and tells Joshua he can't let his family eat the food. Seth stops time allowing Joshua 30 seconds to figure out a way to stop his family from eating the food and when time resumes, Joshua pees on the food. Joshua is brought to his room and Michael yells at him for not accepting the Presents families' hospitality. Arnold goes outside the RV to have a cigarette and sees Cindy running through the woods. He runs after her and when he catches her she tells him that the goblins made her eat something. A group of goblins arrive and Arnold tells them to get lost, but one of the goblins throws a spear into his arm. Arnold and Cindy run into a house and are greeted by Creedence who introduces herself. Arnold asks Creedence to call the hospital, but she tells them there are no hospitals in Nilbog and they use self cures to heal themselves. She brings Arnold and Cindy large mugs full of broth and they both drink the broth. Cindy starts gagging and then runs upstairs where she transforms into green goop and is then eaten by a group of goblins while Arnold looks on in horror. Holly is staring in the mirror of her bedroom when Seth appears to her looking for Joshua and she tells her parents. Joshua and Holly switch rooms and Seth appears to Joshua and he tells him he has to convince the family to leave Nilbog.

Drew goes into town to get some milk. In the morning, Diana finds out that there is nothing but spoiled milk in the refrigerator and Michael and Joshua go into town to get food. As Drew is jogging towards town, Sheriff Freak drives by and offers to give him a ride into town, which Drew accepts. Sheriff Freak offers Drew a sandwich, which he eats. As the sheriff drops him off at the general store, Drew asks him where the town girls hang out and Sheriff Freak laughs at him. Drew asks the Drugstore Owner for some eggs and bacon, but the Drugstore Owner tells him they are all vegetarians in Nilbog. The Drugstore Owner gives Drew some free Nilbog milk and Drew leaves the store. A Nilbog resident tells Drew that Arnold is waiting for him in the house that looks like an old church and Drew goes to the house. Joshua and Michael arrive in town to find the Drugstore closed until the local sermon lets out. Joshua looks into a car side mirror and notices that Nilbog is goblin spelled backwards. Creedence stops at the Presents family farm and introduces herself to Diana and Holly, and calls Holly appetizing. Joshua skateboards to where the sermon is being held and sees the Presents family among the listeners. Preacher Bells tells his congregation of the sin of eating meat. Joshua accidentally knocks his skateboard into a hole and is grabbed by Bells. Holly goes to Elliot's RV and tells him to choose between her or his friends and when he tells her he doesn't understand, she punches him. Joshua is about to be force fed some Nilbog ice cream when Michael saves him. Michael asks the Presents family what they are still doing in town and the father tells him they had car trouble. As he is driving back to the farm, Michael sees Holly arguing with Elliot and tells her to get into the car. Elliot leaves with the Waits family, leaving Brent by himself.

Drew gets to the house and finds Arnold half changed into a tree. Drew tries to drag Arnold out of the house, but Creedence slaps him unconscious. Creedence punishes Arnold for trying to escape by cutting him up with a chainsaw. Joshua, Holly, Michael and Elliot arrive back at the farm to find the townspeople there having a party with dancing and food. Joshua yells at the family not to eat the food, and he is sent to his room. Joshua calls for Seth, but Creedence jumps out of the mirror at him. Seth saves Joshua by cutting off a hand of Creedence with an ax, and Creedence teleports back to her house where she uses magic to regrow her hand. Seth gives Joshua a Molotov cocktail and they go outside the house but are stopped by Bells who tries to send Seth back to the afterlife. Seth makes the Molotov cocktail, which Bells had taken from Joshua explode, causing Bells to be engulfed in flame. Everyone runs out of the house and when Michael puts out Bells with a fire extinguisher Bells remains have turned into a goblin. The family and Elliot then run back into the house.

Creedence calls on Stonehenge to give her more powers and she is transformed into a young woman. The townspeople stand outside the farm and demand that the Waits family and Elliot eat their food. As Brent is watching television, the reception changes and Creedence tells him to open the RV door. Creedence follows Brent into the RV and she feeds him a corn on the cob. They start to eat the corn on the cob simultaneously and the RV explodes with pop corn. The Waits family holds a seance to try and talk to Seth and Seth tells him he can only come back once more and only for ten more minutes. Seth tells Joshua that they need to destroy the stones that give the goblins their power. Joshua disappears and the goblins attack the family. Joshua is teleported to Creedence's house and is attacked by a goblin, but is saved once more by Seth who then gives him a backpack and told to use the contents when he really needs it. Joshua and Seth touch the stones from Stonehenge to try and take away the goblins powers. The family is surrounded by the goblins but is saved when Creedence is transformed back into her old form and she calls for their help. Seth leaves for good and tells Joshua only the power of goodness can defeat the goblins and then disappears. Joshua is captured by the goblins and pulls out the contents of the backpack, revealing it to have a bologna sandwich. The goblins yell out in terror and the Waits family and Elliot arrive at the house. They all put their hands on the stone and the goblins and Creedence yell out and then vanish after being struck by lightening. The family returns home and Michael tells them he has to stop by the office, while Elliot says he is going home and Holly says she will go with him. Diana eats an apple and Joshua goes to his room. Joshua hears whispering voices and when he goes to check on his mother he finds her changed into green goop and goblins eating her. He screams as the goblins offer him some of his mom to eat.