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Udo is a member of a group of runaway slaves in the West Indies.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 3 XXI. played by Sivuyile Ngesi

Udo watches as Captain Flint's crew arrives on the Maroon island.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 4 XXII. played by Sivuyile Ngesi

While Billy Bones is drinking water, he is found by Udo and Kofi. A group of Maroons then capture the rest of The Walrus crew. John Silver's leg goes out from under him and Twitchy Pirate tries to escape. Flint and his crew are brought to a village where they meet The Maroon Queen who demands to know who their captain is. She asks Flint what his name is and then asks who their quartermaster is. Silver steps forward and The Maroon Queen asks him how they found the island and who else knew where they were. She asks him if he was in her position if he would take the word of a pirate and then has one of the crew taken away while the rest of them are placed inside a cage. During the night, Silver is brought before Madi by Udo.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 6 XXIV. played by Sivuyile Ngesi

A shaman dances to music as the shaman applies a paste onto Mr. Scott. Madi asks Udo where Silver is and then goes to find him. She finds Silver and starts criticizing him for not attending the ceremony when she notices his inflamed leg wound. Silver tells her that he has a fever and it will pass. Madi tells Udo to wait while she gets Fremah and Silver tells her that he can't look weak in front of his men or her men. Madi tells him she understands what he is going through and the crown is always a burden, but cannot be worn if he cannot stand.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 7 XXV. played by Sivuyile Ngesi

Madi goes with Kofi and Udo to meet with Eme. Madi lies and tells Eme that Mr. Scott is dying and that he asks for a favor. Eme tells Madi that the weapons and ammo will be brought to The Walrus and Madi remembers when her and Eleanor Guthrie were playmates.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 10 XXVIII. played by Sivuyile Ngesi

Captain Benjamin Hornigold's men and the British troops start firing upon the Maroon camp. The pirates and Maroons ambush Hornigold and Major Rollins' men and start to slaughter them.