Up from the Depths (1979)

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A prehistoric monster shark attacks a Hawaiian resort.


Horror, Monster


Greg Oliver - Sam Bottoms

Rachel McNamara - Susanne Reed

Earl Sullivan - Virgil Frye

Oscar Forbes - Kedric Wolfe

David Whiting - Charles Howerton

Iris Lee - Denise Hayes

Ed Bennett - Charles Doherty

Louellen Bennett - Helen McNelly

Holland - Ken Metcalfe

Jimmy - Randy Taylor

Tourist 1 - Dave D'Martyn

Maintenance Man - Clem Parsons

Nieberg - Pete Cooper

Darleen - Katherine Scholy

Harry - Ken Petruic

Tourist 2 - Bobby Greenwood

Sandra Kane - Dorothy Burham

Resort Guest - R. Lee Ermey

Newsman - Jim Babb


Bob Durrell

Monster Fish

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Detailed Synopsis

David Whiting is doing a dive check with Sandra Kane. She asks for a kiss for good luck and then dives into the water. David monitors a sonar system while Sandra is underwater. Suddenly an earthquake happens underwater and Sandra is attacked by something. David then stares as a pool of blood rises to the surface. A kid tells his mother there is something weird in the water. Ed Bennett is walking when he trips and falls into a mass of intestines. He gets up and scrapes them off and Louellen Bennett runs to him and wipes him off with a towel. Oscar Forbes walks up to Ed and Louellen and offers them free drinks as compensation for Ed being covered in the intestines. Oscar picks up a phone and demands to speak with Rachel McNamara, but is told she is on water patrol. Oscar finds Rachel and pulls her aside and tells her Earl Sullivan is trying to ruin the hotel and humiliate him. He then tells Rachel to confront Earl and Greg Oliver. Greg overhears Louellen tell Ed, when she gets into a mood, she just has to buy something and Greg motions to a wood craft salesman who puts out a large wooden statue of a god with a sign that says not for sale. Louellen and Ed walk up to the shop and when Ed asks why the one piece isn't for sale, the salesman tells him it is real. Ed offers him a hundred dollars and Greg walks up to him and pulls him aside and tells him not to offer more than fifty dollars for it. After buying the carving, Ed walks up to Greg and thanks him and when he finds out he lives on a fishing boat, he and Louellen go to see it.

David returns to the marina and is pulled onto the dock by his workers. He reports Sandra missing to Nieberg and then goes back onto his boat. Ed and Louellen go onto Earl's boat and he offers them a drink. Earl tells Ed and Louellen about a Japanese family that tried to leave Hawaii in their yacht after Pearl Harbor when it was hit by a bomb dropped by a Zero. He then tells them that all of the jade and gold the Japanese family had is still somewhere in the water. Rachel arrives at the marina and Greg tells her Sandra drowned and she asks him if he has been dropping bait in front of the hotel she works at. She tells him he and Earl are banned from the hotel for good by Oscar. Nieberg and David discuss Sandra missing and they agree that they hope she just walked to shore. A pair of fisherman bring David some deep sea fish they found for him to identify including one he doesn't recognize. As a glass bottom boat passes, the driver sees something in the water and dives in and finds a human forearm. At the hotel, Oscar walks up to Holland who is playing chess with himself and asks if he is still winning. He walks around and talks with Tourist 1 having dinner with Rachel. A waitress walks up to Oscar and tells him Harry wants to talk to him. Harry then tells Oscar that he found a human arm on the reef and Oscar tells him to throw it back into the water. At the hotel, Earl and Greg are having a meeting with Ed, Louellen and Holland. Oscar walks up to them and tells them Earl and Greg are swindlers and orders Earl and Greg thrown out of the hotel.

The next day, Rachel takes Tourist 1 out to a secluded beach for a picnic. She tells him Iris Lee is going to be coming to the island that day. While Tourist 1 is photographing Rachel, he is attacked by an unseen animal and killed. Greg is seeding an area of the ocean with cheap junk ahead of Ed and Holland's planned search for treasure. Oscar is in the kitchen complaining to the cooks about them putting too large of portions in the meals. Rachel walks into the kitchen and tells Oscar, Tourist 1 is dead and he tells her not to worry about calling the police or telling the guests. Greg and Holland dive into the water while Ed and Earl stay on the boat with Roger. Holland finds the coins and other junk that Greg seeded the area with earlier. While Holland is reaching for a sword, he is attacked by the Monster Fish and eaten. Greg swims back onto the boat and tells Earl, Holland is dead. Iris Lee arrives at the hotel and is photographed by paparazzi almost immediately after she arrives. Earl tells Greg not to tell anyone as they are about to dock. Rachel tells Nieberg that Tourist 1 was killed and Earl tells Nieberg he has a drowning to report. David walks up to Rachel and Greg and asks them to describe what they saw and then tells Rachel he will come and see her later.

Harry tells Rachel he found a human arm and Greg asks him to show him where he found it. Nieberg goes onto David's boat and asks him about the thing attacking people. Greg, Rachel, and Harry get onto a glass bottom boat and leave to hunt the Monster Fish. Ed and Louellen are telling other tourists about Holland's death when Oscar tells them the luau will be ready this evening. He sees Bob Durrell who asks Oscar questions about Sandra, but Oscar walks away when he sees Earl nearby. David tells Nieberg a Monster Fish is attacking people and he wants to catch it and study it. Rachel, Greg and Harry are at the location where Harry found the arm when they are attacked by the Monster Fish which smashes their boat. David and Nieberg arrive in their boat and save Greg and Rachel by pulling them onto their boat, but Harry swims away. Iris Lee is being photographed in the ocean when she and the photographers are attacked and killed by the Monster Fish. Earl tells Oscar he has an idea on how to get rid of the Monster Fish by selling tickets to kill it. Greg, Nieberg, Rachel and David head towards the bay and tell everyone to get out of the water. Nieberg falls into the water when the Monster Fish attacks the floating dock he and Greg are standing on and Nieberg is eaten by the Monster Fish. Oscar goes to shoot the fish, but David pushes his arm down and he shoots himself in the foot. The guests stampede through the resort and the next day a large group of them leave the resort.

A Newsman asks Rachel if she was part of the cover up. David brings a poster to the hotel advertising a fishing competition for the Monster Fish and Rachel says she is closing the resort. It is announced that Oscar will personally check out anyone and drinks are on the house in the Kamehameha Lounge. Oscar announces to the crowd including Resort Guest that Earl has offered a case of Rum to anyone who catches the Monster Fish, but he offers one thousand dollars and a stay at the suite to whoever catches the Monster Fish. Bob Durrell asks Ed and Louellen to describe the fish, but Ed just tells him it was huge. The crowd goes out and grabs weapons of all kinds and then heads to the marina. Greg gets onto David's boat with Rachel to help catch the Monster Fish alive. Resort Guest causes him and his friends boat to explode when he burns it with a flame thrower he made. David shows Rachel and Greg the tranquilizer gun he has. Jimmy hooks the Monster Fish, but is dragged out of his boat and into the water, but manages to get back into the boat. Ed shoots the Monster Fish with a cross bow bolt. Earl chastises Greg for leaving him to help Rachel, but Greg jumps into the water with David. David is attacked by the Monster Fish and Greg drags him onto the boat, but he dies. Greg ties plastic charges around the body of David and then throw it into the water. They then tie the body to a line and drag it as they drive the boat. The Monster Fish takes David's body as bait and disconnects the line and Greg has to go back into the water to try and reconnect it with David's helper. David's helper is killed, but Greg manages to connect the line and blow the charge, killing the Monster Fish. Rachel jumps into the water and kisses Greg and the tourists and everyone celebrates.