Walter Brown

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Walter Brown


Walter Brown is a cult member in Townshend, Windham County, Vermont. He is helping the Mi-Go create a portal to Earth.

During the events of The Whisperer in Darkness (2011) played by Martin Wately

When George Akeley goes to see Albert Wilmarth, Walter follows him and spies on them. P.F. Noyes picks up Albert and they drive towards Henry Akeley's house. Noyes pulls over when he sees Walter working on the bridge. Walter tells him that the flood damaged the bridge into town and its unsafe to drive over it. Albert then decides to walk the rest of the way. Later, Noyes has an argument with B-67 who thinks the Mi-Go's purpose is to help the human race. Noyes tells Walter to kill Albert and starts to torture B-67 before destroying his brain. Walter informs Noyes that Albert has escaped and Hannah Masterson tells Will Masterson that she saw Albert going to the bridge and they all leave. During the ritual, Noyes leads the ritual attended by Mi-Go and cultists including Walter. As Noyes is about to jump into the portal, Albert throws Henry's head cylinder in the portal, causing the ritual to fail. The Mi-Go then attack and kill Noyes and the cultists.