White Line Fever (1975)

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A new trucker fights against the corruption of a trucking syndicate.




Carrol Jo - Jan-Michael Vincent

Jerri - Kay Lenz

Duane - Slim Pickens

Buck - L.Q. Jones

Pops - Sam Laws

Cutler - Don Porter

Prosecutor - R.G. Armstrong

Lucy - Leigh French

Carnell - Johnny Ray McGhee

Birdie - Dick Miller

Clem - Martin Kove

Jamie - Jamie Anderson

Witness - John David Garfield

Sunglasses - Nate Long

Deputy - Ron Nix

Hy - Swede Johnson

Matchstick - Neil Summers

Red - Tiny Wells

Himself - Bud Brown

Himself - Arnold Jeffers

Defense Lawyer - Curgie Pratt

Dispatcher - Jason Clark

Doctor - Doug Dudley

Waitress - Jackie Bridges

Truck Salesman - Homer Hanna

Cowboy - Trent Dolan

Sam - Frank Kennedy

Jamie's Girl - Dawn Jeffory

Dispatcher - Mel Todd

Vogel - Henry Kendricks

Thug - Jack White

Forewoman - Francesca Jarvis

Barmaid - Ann Dusenberry

Bartender - Walter Smith


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Detailed Synopsis

Arnold Jeffers gives a news report on the recent trucker strike. He interviews Bud Brown who tells him about the brokers and the shippers who hand out the jobs. Bud says that he carries a gun in case someone tries to steal his load and you never know what you're capable of doing until you are tested.

In Tucson, Arizona, Jerri and Jamie wait for Carrol Jo's flight to land. Carrol Jo and Jerri get married and Carrol Jo goes on to buy a semi truck from Truck Salesman who sells him a repossessed truck. Carrol Jo has the semi painted with the name the Blue Mule and later he drives to the Red River Shipping Company to get his first load. Matchstick and Clem walk up to him and Matchstick asks him if the truck is his. He walks up to Lucy and asks to speak with Duane. She points him to Duane's office and as Carrol Jo is walking to the office he is greeted by Birdie, who warns him to keep his blinders on. Duane tosses Carrol Jo a beer and tells him that he has a delivery for him to Akron. As Carrol Jo's load is being put in his trailer, Clem and Matchstick bring a box of cigarettes and a slot machine. Duane tells Pops that he will try and get him work later in the week and Carrol Jo walks back into the building to speak with Duane and says hello to Pops. Carrol Jo tells Duane about the cigarettes and slot machines and tells him that he won't deliver them.

Carrol Jo goes to the bar and orders a whiskey and beer from the Bartender as Cowboy sits nearby. The Barmaid notices he is new. Carrol Jo gives Pops the whiskey and Pops introduces him to Carnell. Carnell is gruff with Carrol Jo and Sunglasses tells him that he won't be invited to sit with them. Carrol Jo returns to his truck to find his trailer covered in cow manure. He punches Clem when he threatens him as Matchstick, Birdie and Red watch. As Carrol Jo is driving, he is pulled over by a Deputy. The Deputy starts making up charges against Carrol Jo and then handcuffs him to his semi and then drives off. A car drives up with Matchstick, another man and Clem and they beat up Carrol Jo and throw him in the back of his trailer. As Pops and Carnell are driving, they see Carrol Jo's semi and pull over and put Carrol Jo in their truck. Duane has a meeting with Buck and confronts him on what happened to Carrol Jo and Buck warns him not to be seen with Carrol Jo. Jerri's supervisor yells at Jerri for not working faster. She goes home and greets Carrol Jo and Sadie and he tells her that he is going to go back to work, even with his ribs broken.

Carrol Jo tries to get a load from Mayflower trucking, but when the Dispatcher sees who he is, tells him they have no work for him. He next speaks with Vogel. Vogel, also tells him that they have no work for him. Carrol Jo continues to try place after place, but they all tell him that they have no work for him. He goes back to Red River Shipping carrying a shotgun and confronts Duane. Duane tells him that Buck will kill him if he gives him work. Carrol Jo confronts Buck and forces him at gunpoint to sign a work order. Carrol Jo leaves with Pops and later, Duane motions for them to pull over and he warns them that they are in danger. While Carrol Jo is driving a truck tries to stop them and Carrol Jo shoots at it and it crashes. Cutler calls Buck and complains that a shipment hasn't arrived. The Deputy pulls over Birdie and Red and then Clem and Matchstick arrive and as they open the trailer door, Carrol Jo and Jamie jump out and beat them up and the Deputy runs away when Pops points a shotgun at him. Carrol Jo, Jamie, Pops, Birdie and Red go to the bar with Jerri and Jamie's Girl. Buck is there and tries to intimidate the other truckers and Carnell tells Pops that Carrol Jo is just going to get him killed.

Buck has a meeting with Cutler, Sam, Prosecutor and Hy. He blames Duane for the problems and the Prosecutor offers to take care of things. Duane calls Carrol Jo and tells him they have a shipment of Mexican avocados that they need delivered in a hurry. While Carrol Jo is driving, he gets tired and starts to swerve and a trucker honks at him and tells him that he has a case of the white line fever. Carrol Jo stops at a truck stop and tells Bud about his shipment. The Waitress gives him some coffee and Bud pays for his order. Jerri tells Jamie that she is pregnant, but not to tell Carrol Jo and then tells him that she wants to have an abortion. Carrol Jo drops off the avocados to Dispatcher, but doesn't get paid when it turns out the avocados were already old. Duane is driving with Lucy when he is forced to pull over by three semis. He is then killed when Clem and Matchstick throw him in the middle of the road and he is hit by a semi. Carrol Jo goes to the bar and tells Jamie that he was set up. The Deputy walks in and arrests Carrol Jo for the murder of Duane.

Pops gets Carrol Jo a Defense Lawyer who tells him that the Prosecutor is offering him a deal to plead guilty for a lesser charge. Jerri thinks he should take the deal, but Carrol Jo refuses. During the trial the Prosecutor calls a Witness who says he saw Carrol Jo kill Duane. The Forewoman questions the Witness and then Jerri takes the stand and says Carrol Jo is innocent and mentions the deal he was offered. Birdie radios Pops and tells him the grand jury refused to charge Carrol Jo. Cutler has a meeting with the rest of the Glass House and decide they must act to stop Carrol Jo. Carrol Jo and Jerri come home and find their semi vandalized. Jerri tells Carrol Jo that she is pregnant and as Jerri walks into their bedroom, she sees the body of Pops murdered and screams.

Carnell goes to Buck's office and he and the other truckers beat him and Buck's men up. The truckers go to the Glass House building for a meeting with the committee. During the meeting, Cutler brings Carrol Jo into his office and makes him an offer to take over Buck's old position. Carrol Jo refuses his offer as do the other truckers. Carrol Jo goes home and during the night, a Thug breaks into their house and hits Carrol Jo and Jerri with a crow bar and sets their house on fire. Carrol Jo manages to get Jerri out of the house, but at the hospital, the Doctor tells Carrol Jo that Jerri miscarried and won't be able to have any children. Carrol Jo goes home and grabs his shotgun and drives towards the Glass House in his semi. The Deputy tries to pull him over, but Carrol Jo rams him off the road. The Deputy calls and warns Cutler who has Sam setup security around the building. Carrol Jo drives through the gates of the property and crashes his semi into the building.

Later, Arnold gives a news report on the trucker strike. Jamie wheels Carrol Jo outside in a wheelchair and shows him all the people supporting him. From inside her hospital, Jerri seems sad.