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Whitehead is a soldier in England. He was an assistant to a man who was an alchemist, physician and astrologer in Norwich. Whitehead comes from a poor family. His hobby is making lace.

During the events of A Field in England (2013) played by Reece Shearsmith

During a battle of the English Civil War in Monmouthshire, Whitehead crawls through the brush as Trower tries to find him. Friend collapses nearby and Cutler checks on him. Whitehead prays that Trower doesn't find him and Cutler starts to take things from the supposedly dead Friend. Trower finds Whitehead and threatens him, but is suddenly stabbed from the back with a spear. He continues to walk towards Whitehead and is shot dead by Cutler. Cutler cuts the ring off of Trower's finger and then steals his boots. Whitehead stumbles towards Jacob who is also going through Friend's stuff. Jacob starts attacking Whitehead and Cutler when he thinks they are members of the opposing forces and Cutler tells him that they are no longer a part of any army. He tells the others that he knows of an ale house not far away and Friend suddenly gets up. They start to walk towards where the ale house is supposed to be and Whitehead contemplates going back to the battle. Cutler notices the sounds of battle have faded and they continue on their way. Friend tells Whitehead that he noticed his hands were soft and clean and they tell each other about what they did before the war. They arrive at Cutler's camp and he goes to gather mushrooms for a soup. He offers the soup to the others and Friend and Jacob eat it, but Whitehead says he is fasting.

Whitehead asks the others to help him and takes them to a fairy circle where they find a rope tied to a rune covered wooden post. Cutler then convinces them to pull on the rope and they pull O'Neil from the ground. Whitehead recognizes him as the man he was ordered by his master to find. Whitehead tries to get Jacob and Friend to help him detain O'Neil. Whitehead tells O'Neil that he is under arrest for the theft of seven documents stolen from his master. O'Neil tells Whitehead that he sent Cutler to find him so that Whitehead could find the treasure O'Neil thinks is nearby. He brings them to his camp and then tortures Whitehead in his tent. He ties a rope around Whitehead and Whitehead, in a trance runs to a certain spot in the field. O'Neil then has Jacob and Friend dig a hole. O'Neil forces Whitehead to drink wine and Whitehead vomits it out, along with some rocks with runes on them. Friend, Jacob and Whitehead continue to dig the hole and eventually have to put in shoring.

Jacob starts to scream in pain and Whitehead examines him and tells him that he has a venereal disease, gout, bloody flux, apostem of the mouth, the pissing disease, St. Anthony's Fire, Illiac Passion, hemorrhoids and palsy brought on by consumption of alcohol. Whitehead wanders away and sees a black disc in the sky. Jacob charges at Cutler and Cutler fires at him, but shoots Friend in the chest. Friend tells Jacob and Whitehead that he never had friends like them and asks that they send a message to his wife that he hated her, burned her father's barn down and that he loved her sister who he had sex with often. Friend's body is dragged out of the hole and Whitehead lays down in the field. Whitehead starts to eat mushrooms he plucks from the field. He spreads his arms out and there is a sudden gust of wind that knocks O'Neil to the ground and breaks his scrying mirror. Jacob goes back to save Whitehead and Cutler tells O'Neil there is no treasure and O'Neil and Whitehead are both frauds. O'Neil shoots Cutler dead.

After O'Neil walks away, Jacob runs to Cutler's body and takes one of his pistols and gives it to Whitehead. Jacob and Whitehead go to O'Neil's tent and Jacob takes a rifle that was left behind. Friend appears behind them alive and with no wound and calls to O'Neil. O'Neil fires his pistol and shoots Jacob in the stomach and Jacob shoots O'Neil in the ankle, which collapses under him. Whitehead tells Jacob that the treasure was the friendship they had. Jacob dies and Friend charges at O'Neil with a spear, but O'Neil shoots him dead. Whitehead then walks up and shoots O'Neil in the back of the head. He puts on O'Neil's clothes and places Friend and Jacob's bodies in the pit and buries them. He then takes his master's stolen documents and walks back towards the battle. As he walks through the brush he sees himself, Jacob and Friend staring back at him.

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