Will Masterson

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Will Masterson


Will Masterson is a crop duster and a cult member in Townshend, Windham County, Vermont. His daughter is Hannah Masterson.

During the events of The Whisperer in Darkness (2011) played by Caspar Marsh

Albert Wilmarth is walking to Henry Akeley's house when he stops at Will's house to ask for directions to Henry's house. Will gives him directions and as they are talking, Hannah takes a peek at Albert. Later at Henry's house, P.F. Noyes and B-67 have an argument, because B-67 thinks the Mi-Go's purpose is to help the human race. Noyes tells Walter Brown to kill Albert and starts to torture B-67 before destroying his brain. Walter informs Noyes that Albert has escaped and Hannah tells Will that she saw Albert going to the bridge and they all leave. Will returns and points a gun at Albert and says the Mi-Go can't be stopped and the doorway they are opening leads to Earth. He says that Noyes has to lead a ritual and again insists that the Mi-Go can't be stopped. Albert tells him the draft copy mentions the shaman has to go into the portal first in order for it to work. Will again says there is nothing they can do and shoots himself in the head.