Winterbeast (1992)

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A ranger goes searching for a creature killing people due to a curse.


Horror, Monster


Bill Whitman - Tim R. Morgan

Ranger Stillman - Mike Magri

Charlie Perkins - Charles Majka

Dave Sheldon - Bob Harlow

Ranger Bradford - Lisa Breer

Barbera - Dori May Kelley

Slappy Tello - David Majka

Dick Sargent - Bill McCleod

The Winterbeast - Chris Lenge

Mt. Chocura Creature

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Detailed Synopsis

Bill Whitman asks Slappy Tello if he is alright, and as Slappy turns his face towards him, Bill screams as he sees Slappy's bloody face. A Mt. Chocura Creature appears and Slappy starts picking at his bleeding body. Bill then wakes up from his nightmare. Ranger Stillman and Dick Sargent are sitting in the ranger station when Stillman shows Dick a centerfold from his magazine. Bill arrives at the station and Stillman tells him that Slappy disappeared and Ranger Bradford is waiting in his office. Bill asks Bradford how she is doing. He then goes to question Dick and asks him where he found Bradford. He tells Bill that he found her near Mt. Chocura where they opened the old lodge. Bill asks him to take Stillman to the location the next day. A storm passes through the area and Bill has trouble radioing anyone.

While they are passing the time, Bill tells Stillman about The Wild Goose Lodge owned by Dave Sheldon which is nearby. At the Totem Pole Tourist Cabins, a woman is attacked by a Mt. Chocura Creature. It pulls her out of her cabin and kills her. Bill and Stillman drive to The Wild Goose Lodge and listen as Dave gives his comedy routine to the guests. Bill questions Dave if he has seen Slappy and asks him to put out a sign warning hikers away from the trails. Dick, who is also at The Wild Goose Lodge bar, gets in a fight with another patron. In the morning, Stillman and Dick go to Mt. Chocura and see a totem with a skeleton attached to it. He returns with Bill, Bradford and Charlie Perkins. Charlie thinks the skeletons on the totem were left as sacrifices and Bill recognizes it from a dream he had. Charlie tells them that the Native Americans used to worship a being called Chocura.

Bill goes to the Fall Foliage Festival and asks Dave to shut down the lodge due to Slappy still being missing. Dave refuses and later, Bradford tells Bill about the legends of Mt. Chocura including one where two hunters disappeared and were later found torn apart. Bill goes up to the mountain with Stillman and Charlie at night to look for Slappy and a missing camper. At his house, Charlie shows Bill a tooth he received from Burning Wolf that was supposedly taken from a warrior killed by Chocura. Two hikers are hiking when one of them finds a suitcase. They are then attacked and killed by a Mt. Chocura Creature. Charlie goes back up the mountain and photographs the totem and gives Bill the photographs. Bill goes to the Newbury Library and shows Dave the photos and again tries to get Dave to shut down the lodge. Charlie reads a book on totems and learns that some were used to summon lesser demons. Barbera tells Charlie that she locked up the store and he tells her that the trinkets on the totem are to counteract the evil.

A ranger is rappelling down the mountain when he is attacked and killed by a Mt. Chocura Creature. Bill and Charlie put park closed posters up around town. Dave goes to speak with Bill and throws the posters at his face. While walking in the woods, Bradford finds a grave for a Rev. Sheldon. The body of Sheldon reanimates and attacks and kills Bradford. Bill again tells Dave to close the lodge, but again Dave refuses. Dick and Charlie tell Stillman that Dick saw Bradford's corpse at Dave's lodge, Charlie then shows Stillman photos of the totem and says the corpses placed as offerings have changed to more recent victims. Dave ties the corpse of Bradford up in his lodge and plays with her wounds and slaps her corpse. He then plays Johnny's So Long at the Fair, puts on a clown mask and dances. Bill and Charlie go to The Wild Goose Lodge and Bill finds Bradford's corpse. Charlie goes into the main lodge and sees Dave caressing the head of a dried out corpse and then dances around other dried corpses.

Bill finds Charlie and then shows him a prophecy that says a second man will appear to fulfill his forefathers' unfinished work and after the sacrifices are complete, more powerful demons then Chocura will appear. Dave confronts them and admits he is the one calling the Mt. Chocura Creatures. The Winterbeast erupts from Slappy's chest and back at the lodge, Dave's head explodes in flames. Bill and Charlie are looking through binoculars when they see Dick attacked and killed by The Winterbeast. Later, Bill takes over the lodge and tells Charlie that he is going to send Stillman to cut the totem down. Stillman starts to hack at the totem with an axe when it suddenly comes alive and attacks him. In the morning, Bill and Stillman walk around the abandoned cabins when a Mt. Chocura Creature attacks them and Stillman is killed. A Mt. Chocura Creature attacks Charlie and he manages to escape and sets the totem on fire. Bill goes to find The Winterbeast and he and Charlie find it, but they crash their vehicle. The Winterbeast attacks Charlie and Charlie finds a totem head and places it on the ground and Bill shoots it and The Winterbeast catches on fire and turns to smoke.