Yor, the Hunter from the Future (1983)

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Yor travels the land searching for the secret of his origin.


Post-Apocalyptic, War

Sword and Sorcery


Yor, the Hunter - Reb Brown

Ka-Laa - Corinne Clery

Overlord - John Steiner

Ena - Carole Andre

Pag - Alan Collins

Roa - Ayshe Gul

Ukan - Aytekin Akkaya

Tarita - Marina Rocchi

Kay - Sergio Nicolai

Ludovico Della Joio

Adnan Akdemir

Herent Akdemir

Ali Selgur

Zeynep Selgur

Henk Akin

Zenne Poksuz

Nurdan Asar

Purple Caveman - Yadigar Ejder

Nilgun Bubikoglu

Tevfik Sen

Yasemin Celenk

Levent Cakir

Village Elder - Nello Pazzafini

Blind Old One - Paul Costello


Desert People

Purple Cavemen

Beast of the Night


Androids of Overlord

Survivor of the Great Destruction

Character thumbnails with links to profiles

Detailed Synopsis

Yor, the Hunter walks through the hills of his land. The Village Elder has his people raise their children above their heads in thanks to the Gods for bringing them to the valley. Ka-Laa and Pag are hunting when they come across a baby Tricerasaurus. They trap the animal, but its parent attacks them. Yor sees them being attacked and runs to help them. He kills the Tricerasaurus and screams in victory. Yor offers the blood to Ka-Laa and Pag and Pag notices the medallion around Yor's neck. The Village Elder tells Yor that he has seen the same medallion before, beyond the mountains. He tells Yor that he saw it on a woman who lived with the Desert People. Yor is welcomed into their village and watches as the village women including Ka-Laa, dance in celebration. While the celebration is going on, a group of Purple Cavemen start killing the village sentries. The Purple Cavemen then attack the villagers celebrating. The Purple Cavemen Leader, Ukan tells his people to kill all of the men of the village. Yor, Ka-Laa and Pag escape from the village, but Pag goes back to look for any survivors. He returns to the village and finds all the men and children dead except for the Village Elder who tells him to go with Yor.

Yor takes Ka-Laa to a hollow tree with a place to sleep. He then stands guard while she sleeps. The next day, while Yor and Ka-Laa are walking, they are ambushed by the Purple Cavemen. Yor tells Ka-Laa to run away and Yor is knocked unconscious. Ukan takes Yor's medallion and Ka-Laa is taken hostage when she tries to save Yor. Yor is then thrown from the cliff. He wakes up and climbs back up the cliff face and is greeted by Pag. Pag tells Yor they must leave. Yor tells him they must find Ka-Laa, but Pag tells him according to their law, Ka-Laa belongs to Ukan now. Yor tells Pag he doesn't recognize his laws and they go to save Ka-Laa. Ka-Laa is brought before Ukan and Ukan fights three of his tribesmen for the right to own Ka-Laa. Yor and Pag go to the cave of the Purple Cavemen. As they are crouched outside, the Beast of the Night flies overhead. Yor shoots the Beast of the Night with an arrow and then kills it with a rock. Ukan claims Ka-Laa who is being held by a Purple Caveman. Yor then uses the body of the Beast of the Night to glide into the cave and kicks Ukan in the face, knocking him unconscious. He grabs Ka-Laa and his medallion back and he and he and Ka-Laa flee. They cross a bridge over the bones of people and after crossing it, Yor throws it over the edge. They come to an area of water and Yor opens the dam holding it back. Ukan jumps on a ridge and watches as his tribe of Purple Cavemen are washed away.

Yor, Ka-Laa and Pag then continue towards the land of the Desert People. Yor tells Ka-Laa and Pag to stay, and he kisses Ka-Laa and then leaves. Yor arrives at the land of the Desert People who attack him with flaming sticks. They capture him in a net and a voice calls out to bring Yor to her. He is then brought to Roa who tells him she came to the land of the Desert People with a group of people who were trapped in ice. She tells Yor that he is to be sacrificed to placate the gods. Ka-Laa and Pag follow Yor's path and Ka-Laa demands they go to help Yor if he is in trouble. Yor is brought to a stone alter to be sacrificed as Roa watches. He breaks free and uses the sacrificial sword to fight his way free, taking Roa with him. As he does, the cave starts to collapse. Yor throws the sword at the last Desert Person blocking his path and exits the cave as Ka-Laa and Pag arrive. Ka-Laa runs to Yor and then stops when she sees him holding Roa, who was stunned by a falling stalactite. Later, Ka-Laa walks up to Roa carrying twine and demands to know who she is and Roa steals the twine and gives it to Yor while looking back at Ka-Laa. Yor and Pag build a raft and follow a river. They make shore and Roa calls Yor to her. She tells him she has never been with another man or felt desire for another man until she met him and he tells her she is beautiful. At the camp, Ka-Laa tells Pag she is going to look for Yor, but he knows she is just jealous. Yor and Roa have sex and after Yor leaves, Ka-Laa confronts Roa and challenges her to a fight. As they are fighting, Ukan and a couple of Purple Cavemen appear and Ka-Laa calls for Yor. Yor and Pag rush to help her and Roa is hit in the head with a club. Yor and Pag kill the Purple Cavemen and Yor kills Ukan by smashing a rock on his head. Yor rushes to Roa and she tells him dreams are only dreams and tells him of an island with a castle on it. She then tells Yor to give her medallion to Ka-Laa and dies after she and Yor kiss. They bury Roa and Ka-Laa leaves a flower for her.

They arrive at the sea and Ka-Laa fishes for food. While sitting at the campfire, Yor and Pag hear a roar and run towards a cave where a Dimetrodon like creature is attacking Tarita and her siblings. Yor, Pag and Ka-Laa then fight and kill the creature. Tarita takes Yor, Ka-Laa and Pag to her village where they meet her father Kay. Kay tells Yor that by saving Tarita, Yor has gained her as a wife, but Yor tells Tarita he already has a mate and Ka-Laa smirks and stares at Tarita. Kay tells Yor that about two months ago they killed a man who fell from the sky. Kay takes Yor to see the remnant of the man who fell from the sky and then Kay has a feast. Tarita invites Yor to come with her and he invites Ka-Laa. As Pag goes to retrieve his weapons he hears a noise coming from a remnant piece of the man who fell from the sky. All of a sudden the village is hit with lasers and Kay is killed. Yor, Pag and Ka-Laa hear a voice coming from the remnant piece telling "Eagle 1, mission complete" and Yor throws the talking box. Yor then promises to avenge Kay and his people. Yor tells Tarita he must leave and she tells him of an island that was always surrounded by storms and offers Kay's boat to him. Yor, Ka-Laa and Pag say goodbye to Tarita and her people and then leave on the boat. They sail into a storm and Yor is thrown overboard.

He wakes up on a beach and is seen through a video screen by the Overlord. A group of Androids of Overlord are sent to capture Yor for analysis. Yor knocks the head off of one with a rock, but is shot with a stun gun by the others. The Androids of Overlord tell the Overlord that there are two more intruders and he orders them captured and brought to him. Before they can be captured they are helped by a Survivor of the Great Destruction. Yor is brought to a room and put on a table. Ena gives an Android of Overlord a scan of Yor's body. Yor asks Ena to free him, but she only frees his hands. She tells him they learned a lot about him from his medallion. Yor is shown a video of him and his parents when he was young and before their spaceship was shot down and he survived in the wilderness. The Overlord appears and introduces himself to Yor. As he is telling Yor what he plans to do to Pag and Ka-Laa, Yor leaves the room. Ka-Laa and Pag are brought to Ena and she tells them that Yor is okay. The Blind Old One walks into the room and tells them the history of the Overlord and his people. Ena tells Pag and Ka-Laa that the Overlord has forbidden the outside world and has told his people it is still radioactive from nuclear fallout. Ka-Laa sneaks away to look for Yor and the Blind Old One tells Pag that they are ready to start a revolution now that Yor is there.

Yor and Ka-Laa wander into a mirror maze and finally find each other. Yor shows Ka-Laa the video showing his past. The Overlord appears and tells them that after the war he shielded his people from the outside world and he wants his people to multiply so he can conquer the world. He then tells them that he will make an army of Androids to replace humans and he will use Yor and Ka-Laa's DNA to make them. Ena leads a revolt against the Overlord and Yor and Ka-Laa are freed. The Overlord issues a red alert and orders all of the rebels destroyed. Ena gives Yor discs of their culture for him to take and escape with. Yor swings onto the atomic generator and sets a bomb. Pag swings across and grabs Yor and they swing back across. The Blind Old One tells the Overlord that he is going to deactivate his Androids. Yor and the Overlord fight and Yor impales him with a boom barrier. Pag stays behind to fight a group of Androids of Overlord while Ena and others escape. As he is about to be killed, the Androids of Overlord shut down. Yor and the others get into a spaceship and fly away as the generator explodes and the Overlord and the Blind Old One die in the explosion. Yor then returns to the mainland to teach the primitive tribes and to prevent them from destroying the Earth again.