Young Frankenstein (1974)

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A descendant of Dr. Frankenstein continues on with his ancestor's research and creates a monster.


Horror, Comedy


Dr. Frankenstein - Gene Wilder

The Monster - Peter Boyle

Igor - Marty Feldman

Elizabeth - Madeline Kahn

Frau Blucher - Cloris Leachman

Inga - Teri Garr

Inspector Kemp - Kenneth Mars

Herr Falkstein - Richard Haydn

Mr. Hilltop - Liam Dunn

Medical Student - Danny Goldman

Sadistic Jailor - Oscar Beregi

Village Elder - Arthur Malet

Insp. Kemp's Aide - Richard Roth

Gravediggers - Monte Landis and Rusty Blitz

Little Girl - Anne Beesley

Blindman - Gene Hackman

Villager - John Madison

Orderly in Frankenstein's Class - John Dennis

Villager - Rick Norman

Train Conductor - Rolfe Sedan

Villager - Terrence Pushman

Third Villager - Joe - Randolph Dobbs

Emcee at Frankenstein's Show - Norbert Schiller

Villager - Patrick O'Hara

Helga's Father - Michael Fox

Helga's Mother - Lidia Kristen

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Detailed Synopsis

At the Castle Frankenstein, the clock chimes as the coffin of Baron von Frankenstein lies in state. Herr Falkstein opens the coffin and grabs the wooden box held by the skeleton of Baron Beaufort von Frankenstein, who seemingly tries to hold onto the box. Dr. Frankenstein is giving a class to medical students. A Medical Student stands up and asks a question, after being corrected on the correct way of pronouncing Frankenstein as Fronkensteen. Medical Student brings up Dr. Frankenstein's grandfather, Victor Frankenstein and his experiments. The Medical Student asks the difference between reflexive and voluntary motion. Mr. Hilltop is wheeled out on a stretcher by Orderly in Frankenstein's Class. Dr. Frankenstein explains the difference by asking Mr. Hilltop to raise his knee and then Dr. Frankenstein acts like he is about to hit Mr. Hilltop in the leg, and Mr. Hilltop automatically raises his leg. Dr. Frankenstein then shows a method of blocking the signals from the brain and manages to knee Mr. Hilltop in the groin. Mr. Hilltop is placed back on his stretcher and Dr. Frankenstein tells Orderly in Frankenstein's Class to give Mr. Hilltop an extra dollar. Medical Student asks another question about worms and again brings up the work of Victor Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein insists Victor's work was doodoo and he is only concerned with life and dismisses class. Herr Falkstein walks up to Dr. Frankenstein with the wooden box and tells him about the will in the box. Dr. Frankenstein tells Elizabeth goodbye as he waits to board a train. Train Conductor calls all aboard and before he boards, Elizabeth tells Dr. Frankenstein she loves him and wants to get married. Dr. Frankenstein mimics tossing a kiss at Elizabeth who dodges out of its direction.

The train arrives in Transylvania, and Dr. Frankenstein gets off and is greeted by Igor. They debate over the pronunciation of the name Frankenstein and also Igor. After Dr. Frankenstein awkwardly comments on Igor's hump, Dr. Frankenstein meets Inga and they head to the castle. They arrive at the door and are greeted by Frau Blucher and Dr. Frankenstein and Inga are taken to their rooms and Frau Blucher bids Doctor Frankenstein goodnight after making sure he doesn't need any late night snacks. Dr. Frankenstein has a nightmare about not being able to escape his destiny. Inga wakes him up and they explore the sound of music coming from behind a bookcase. They find a passageway and follow it to a laboratory and find Igor there and at the far end the original Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory. They open a door and find Frankenstein's notes. The next morning they discuss his notes and note that any experiment would result in increased sizes of all body parts of those experimented on. Dr. Frankenstein follows a pair of Gravediggers with Igor and then he steals the body. As they are transporting it they are stopped by Constable Henry, who lets them go. They go to the brain depository and as Igor is stealing the brain of Hans Delbruck, a scientist and saint, lightening strikes and he drops it. He then takes an abnormal brain.

They put the body on a table and use electricity to bring The Monster to life, but fail. During a village meeting, Villager argues that Dr. Frankenstein is just like the other Frankensteins and all other scientists. The Village Elder hits his gavel on the desk and calls for order. Inspector Kemp warns against starting a riot without proper evidence. At dinner, Dr. Frankenstein is still upset about the failure of his experiment. The Monster comes to life and Dr. Frankenstein sets it free from the operating table. Igor lights a cigarette, which causes The Monster to go into a rage and he starts to strangle Dr. Frankenstein. Inga gives The Monster a sedative and Dr. Frankenstein asks Igor about the brain in The Monster. Igor tells him he took the brain of someone named Abby Normal. Inspector Kemp arrives at the castle and tells Dr. Frankenstein about the villagers fear of a monster. Inspector Kemp leaves after getting an assurance from Dr. Frankenstein that there is no monster and is saluted by Insp. Kemp's Aide who has a dart sticking out of his hat from Inspector Kemp and Dr. Frankenstein's dart game. Frau Blucher finds The Monster and sets him free. Dr. Frankenstein realizes it was Frau Blucher who led them into the laboratory. The Monster breaks out of the castle and runs away.

He comes across a Little Girl playing by a well and Helga's Father and Helga's Mother realize they didn't put Little Girl to bed. As they go to check on her, the Little Girl is thrown onto her bed when The Monster sits on the opposite end of the seesaw as her. The Monster barges into the home of a Blindman who had just asked God for a companion. The Blindman offers soup to The Monster, but accidentally pours it on The Monster's crotch. He offers wine to The Monster but smashes The Monster's cup while offering a toast and then the Blindman sets The Monster's thumb on fire while trying to light his cigar. The Monster runs away and goes into town. Dr. Frankenstein disguises himself and is able to catch The Monster by attracting him by playing the violin. Dr. Frankenstein decides he is going to tell The Monster he loves him and tells Inga, Igor and Frau Blucher not to open the door to The Monster's cell no matter what. Dr. Frankenstein tells The Monster he is good, not evil and he loves him. Dr. Frankenstein presents The Monster at the Bucharest Academy of Science after being introduced by the Emcee at Frankenstein's Show. He has The Monster show off his abilities culminating in a dance number of Puttin' On The Ritz. One of the lights suddenly explodes during their dance number and the crowd turns on them and starts to throw vegetables at Dr. Frankenstein and The Monster. The Monster becomes enraged and is arrested.

Dr. Frankenstein tells Inga he thinks if he can switch some cerebral fluid of The Monster, The Monster would be more sane. Frau Blucher tells Dr. Frankenstein, Elizabeth is arriving at the castle that night. Elizabeth arrives and she wonders what exactly Inga's job is. A Sadistic Jailor tortures The Monster by lighting matches and holding them towards The Monster's face. The Monster grabs the Sadistic Jailor and chokes him to death and frees himself. The villagers including Third Villager - Joe and Villager go to the police station and Inspector Kemp tells them it is time for a riot. As Elizabeth is brushing her hair, The Monster breaks into her room and she screams. The Monster takes Elizabeth to a hay loft and they have sex. Dr. Frankenstein plays the violin from the castle to try and attract The Monster, who arrives at the castle and Dr. Frankenstein transfers a portion of his brain to The Monster. Inspector Kemp and the villagers arrive at the castle and break inside and Villager starts to break the lab equipment. The villagers grab Dr. Frankenstein and The Monster, who can now speak, tells them to put Dr. Frankenstein down. The Monster tells Inspector Kemp that since he couldn't instill love into people, that he would instill fear into them. He then tells the villagers of the sacrifice Dr. Frankenstein made and Inspector Kemp offers The Monster his friendship. Later Dr. Frankenstein and Inga get married, while The Monster marries Elizabeth. In bed Inga, wonders what Dr. Frankenstein got from The Monster during their transference surgery and then discovers Dr. Frankenstein's now larger genitalia.