Young Lad

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Young Lad


Young Lad is a resident of Rottingham, England.

During the events of Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) played by Corbin Allred

Young Lad runs up to Robin Hood, Ahchoo and Blinkin asking for help. The Sheriff of Rottingham rides up as his men play kazoos. The Sheriff accuses Young Lad of poaching in Prince John's land. After Robin asks if it is an offense, the Sheriff sarcastically asks him where he has been and Robin counters that he has been fighting with King Richard in the Crusades as his father wasn't able to get him in the National Guard. Robin cuts the strap on the Sheriff's saddle and forces the Sheriff to ride away upside down. Young Lad tells Robin he will tell others of his bravery and Robin says a long list of injustices he plans to rectify.