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Zinka is a 20 year old resident of Russia. Her mother is the Duchess of Zasyekin and her father was Alexander Pavlovic.

During the events of Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 1 First Love played by Magdalena Zawadzka

Vladimir Petrovich sees Zinka with her suitors, Dr. Lushkin, Captain Nymaski, Mr. Madonapulka, Mr. Bierdof, and Count Miliski and she turns and laughs at him. Vladimir goes to the Duchess's house and introduces himself to her. She introduces Zinka to him and Zinka has him help her knit. She tells him that he must always be truthful to her and she demands complete obedience. The Duchess tells Zinka that Bierdof has brought her a cat and Zinka runs off.

At dinner, the Duchess tells Pietrov Petrovich that her husband squandered all of their money and Maria Petrovich offers to speak to the prince on her behalf. During dinner, Zinka asks Vladimir to come by later. Vladimir goes to Zinka's house and finds her playing a game with her suitors. She tells Miliski to make a ticket for Vladimir and Dr. Lushkin tells Vladimir about the game they are playing. Whoever's ticket from the hat is the winner gets to kiss Zinka's hand. Vladimir pulls the winning ticket and Bierdof offers to buy it from him, but Vladmir refuses. Later, Vladimir is walking on the top of some ruins when Zinka walks by and tells him to jump and he does. He fakes that he is injured and smiles when Zinka starts to kiss him. She gets upset with him when she realizes he was faking and he runs in excitement. He goes to visit her later and she angrily pulls out a piece of his hair. Zinka spends another evening with her suitors and she tells them each to make up a story. She tells Mr. Bierdof to go first and when he says he can't, asks him questions about what he would do if he were married. She asks him what he would do if his wife cheated on him and she tells him he would kill her. She tells a story about finding the man she loves the most in the forest. Later, Vladimir tells Zinka that he is moving and he tells her that he will always love her. Pietrov and Zinka later get together in the woods for an elicit love affair.